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By Tim Whitaker
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Lovers Lane: Where are the real bikini photos?

As summers go, this one will undoubtedly land in the "seasons of discontent" bin.

We can all recite the litany of woes.

Gas. Mortgages. Credit. Jobs.

Wrong war.


Bush. (Always Bush.)

And if you want to get real prickly--Brett Myers and Adam Eaton.

Since our discontent hardly seems destined for an August getaway, we have a choice.

Succumb to the doom and gloom and reup the Paxil and Ativan scripts.

Or buck up and look for mindless diversion until the Big O rolls in and inducts us all into his heavenly choir of hope.

Since Ativan makes us sleepy ...

... buck up it is.

Luckily, diversions come along all the time in Phillytown. And when we can't find them, we create them.

Take our cheesesteak wars. They're noisy and perpetual and affect our lives not a whit.

Or Milton Street. We never tire of the man. However far he may roam, we're always there to greet him when he shows up.

It's the Philly rule of life: Keep it simple.

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