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Forty years after her murder, Peggy Reber may be exhumed.

By Kevin Uhrich & Martha Shaak
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Anspach says he doesn't read Gooden's blog, but he acknowledges knowing about her theory of the crime and the criticisms leveled against him and Arnold over the past few months.

Noting that the case is now in the hands of Lebanon's chief of detectives Lt. Todd Breiner, Anspach says everything that can be done is being done to finally solve the murder.

"Who in their right mind--especially someone who is in public life--would not want to solve this murder? But solving it and bringing it to a positive conclusion--a conviction--isn't an easy thing to do," he says.

"I would suggest that if [Gooden and other bloggers] have information to prove someone is guilty, they should out that person," Anspach says. "There have been innuendos made that there is proof of who committed the murder and that there is a cover-up. I would challenge those people to out that person, and then there would be egg on all our faces. But I don't think that's going to happen."

Martha Shaak is a Lebanon-based freelance writer. Her brother Kevin Uhrich is editor of Pasadena Weekly. They first wrote about Peggy Reber's murder in January. Comments on this story can be sent to letters@philadelphiaweekly.com. Anyone with information relevant to this case should contact Lebanon officials at 717.274.2801 ext. 2169, or rebercase@lebcnty.org

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1. barb parker said... on Jan 16, 2012 at 02:07AM

“Why are we having such a hard time with this murder? No-one is saying ANYthing for how many years. SOMEone knows SOMEthing. Believe me, it is time to open your mouth.”

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2. Anonymous said... on Jul 4, 2012 at 07:10PM

“whatever kind of savage beast commited this crime . i have one question,how have you lived such a guilt free life all these years!!!!! how do you look at yourself, your family, and friends EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ALL THESE YEARS..........well mr. animal YOU AINT SEEN HELL YET, OR HAVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF NOT ,I CAN GUARNTEE ITS COMING FOR YOU,and only YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU......”


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