Why Creed Sucks

One rock fan's immodest refusal.

By Joey Sweeney
Add Comment Add Comment | Comments: 17 | Posted Dec. 25, 2002

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3. Go-killaz: The Reremixaz Gorillaz
Long thought to be the work of Blur's Damon Albarn, Dan the Automator and others, it was revealed by British news source the Daily Mirror that the "cartoon" group was actually made up of real people/animals who just happened to have cute names.

Albarn confessed to the scam and sheepishly went back to arguing with Liam Gallagher, while (in an effort to prove he's still got it) Dan Nakamura created this album of remixes of remixes of the original Gorillaz album. All but two of the 19 tracks are versions of the hit single "Clint Eastwood." The actor himself has called this album "indispensable."

4. Amerikkka by Steve Earle
Though heavily criticized for its relentless indictment of U.S. foreign and domestic policies, Earle's latest nevertheless boasts some of the prettiest cover art so far this decade. The closing track, "Sometimes I Feel Like Pol Pot," is a stunner.

5. Feelin' Alright by the Strokes
One of the bigger surprises of the year was when indie maestro Jim O'Rourke became a permanent member of international boy-band the Strokes. Eventually causing the dismissal of singer Julian Casablancas (he later joined the Vines), O'Rourke's presence lent an air of credibility among the avant-garde while providing some mainstream exposure for the hitherto marginal composer.

Combining the sensibilities of Chicago post-prog with New York-style clothing, this was perhaps the most talked-about album of May 2003.

6. Duets by Bj�rk et al.
Featuring rapturous renditions of classic songs from every era with the likes of Bono, Bernadette Peters, Little Richard, Courtney Love, Rufus Wainwright and others, Bjork finally left all that boring, weird shit behind. The recording was made with the now ubiquitous method known as "Dogma 95 technique," in which no artificial light is used during any stage of the recording process.

Highlight: a hilarious "How to Disappear Completely" with Broadway sensation Nathan Lane.

7. My Sister the Apricot by Belle and Sebastian
The first half of this double album (released only on vinyl and available via the Internet to fan club members who received golden tickets in the mail) is business as usual for the chambermaid popsters. It's full of the delicate arrangements we've come to expect, with high points being the tender "She Addresses Me Thusly" and the tenderer "Have You Noticed My Jacket?"

The second song on disc two makes a wild departure into thoroughly masculine territory. Bragging about his sexual conquests all over Glasgow, singer Stuart Murdoch sounds as much like Sammy Hagar as Nick Drake. It's a surprise, to say the least, and the rest of the collection falls into line with a series of abrasive, tightly played tunes about driving too fast and doing a whole lot of coke ("Doing a Whole Lot of Coke"). The shift in style and substance has an undeniable impact and, in retrospect, seems all but inevitable.

8. Space Oddity by Lance Bass
After three years of haggling and ferocious physical training, Bass finally made it into space, making him only the third pop star to do so (you might recall the "accidental" launch of Mandy Moore). This EP was released to little public recognition, but those who heard it found a positively revelatory reading of Bowie's famous tune as well as a swaggering "Would You Like to Swing on a Star," a playful "Subway to Venus" and the singer's own contribution "I Can't Believe I'm Finally in Space." Mesmerizing.

9. Par-taay by Beck
After the quiet introspection and doleful arrangements of last year's Sea Change, the pioneering artist spent six weeks doing "research" at the Phi Delt house at Texas A&M. Emerging with a batch of dazzling new songs extolling the virtues of 12-foot water bongs, beer bongs and cocaine bongs, Beck threw together this wild collection of anthems dedicated to the Art of Letting Loose.

Hearkening back to 1999's Midnite Vultures--as well as calling to mind the recent work of Nelly--Par-taay was almost unanimously hailed as Beck's finest work to date. The singles "Sizzle Drunk Honeypot" and "Burgertongue" provided the summer's bootiest-shaking rapture from a white person. Andrew W.K. provides guest vocals on five tracks.

10. Mama Knew Better by the Corn City Crackerjacks
Proving that alt-country is far from over, this rowdy quintet from the outskirts of Austin dropped this incendiary debut. Containing the movingly patriotic "Gimme Dat Dar Flag," as well as some fine tear-beer balladeering that would make any of the Hanks proud, Mama gave the Ikea set another CD to slide next to their O Brother soundtrack after recent offerings from Ralph Stanley, Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss were deemed "too hick-y."

The inclusion of a fine rendition of "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" (here titled "O Brother, I Got Constant Sorrow [theme from O Brother, Where Art Thou?]") could have only helped matters. Nonetheless, a fine first record from a band to watch.

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1. WOW said... on Aug 11, 2009 at 09:18PM

“this writer is a stuck up homo lol... i dont like creed but seriously ahhh. dude do something with your life... then talk”

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2. Anonymous said... on Aug 27, 2009 at 10:04PM

“Really, this person is using "homo" as a pejorative, and we're supposed to take him/her seriously. How's about this writer is doing something with his life by writing about music? How's about you do something with your life and learn how to insult others without resorting to sexual orientation? Or maybe not... I thought this was a great article, although it's pretty old. But Creed apparently is back again for some apocalyptic reason, and America has every reason to be very scared... or at least another excellent reason to not listen to the radio for a while.”

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3. This is funny said... on Sep 3, 2009 at 12:46PM

“These people commented/argued on an article oringinally published in December of 2002. And now, so have I.”

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4. Seneca said... on Sep 19, 2009 at 05:31AM

“Well, here we are in 2009. It has been several years since this article was written, and it's still a strong argument about the way the music industry tried (successfully) to spoon feed us a manufactured band.

Oh yeah, and Creed still sucks.”

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5. mike said... on Oct 26, 2009 at 01:37PM

“Despite rumors to the contrary, Creed still sucks.

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6. Anonymous said... on Dec 9, 2009 at 04:17AM

“creed, pearl jam, and nirvana, who cares who came out first, they all look and sound alike, they suck just like every grunge band out of seattle and anywhere else, oh shit, !!! i forgot about canada, NICKLEBACK, now do you totally awesome grunge loving narrow minded morons who don't know good music know where i'm comming from?”

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7. drummermike said... on Mar 7, 2010 at 01:08AM

“musically adequate,withan ego maniac douchbag frontman.just because things that are bad sell a lot doesn't make them good.e.g.heroin,crack,mcdonalds.this band rode on christianity and religion's coattails,clawed into our psyche,then became a parasite on americana”

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8. Anonymous said... on Jun 22, 2010 at 03:36PM

“Creed is a band Tallahassee, Florida that became one of the 90’s biggest-selling rock bands. Creed disbanded in 2004 after three multi-platinum albums, selling an estimated 35 million records worldwide. The four original members, Scott, Mark, Tom, and Ryan reunited in 2009 and created a new album called Full Circle. In April 2010 they began The 20-10 Tour to perform their new album. InSeats.com has great deals on Creed tickets for all of the stops on their current tour.
For cheap Creed tickets visit

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9. scott stapp is a flaming douchebag said... on Aug 3, 2010 at 07:13PM

“i concurr with this entire article because it is true. the band sucks! they lack a huge bit of talent. tremonti is overrated, stapp sucks and i feel bad for the 3rd guy cuz he's stuck in this mess of bulls#!t he can't get out of. it's easy money for him but hey, if i got offered to play guitar in creed i'd tell them to take their entire band and shove themselves up eachother's as$es.”

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10. kevinthebadass said... on Mar 18, 2011 at 09:27PM

“creed rules all of you fucking haters my favorite band is nickelback and they got to may haters to and alot of fans go listen to your fucking justin bieber nickelback and creed both rule in fact nickelback thanks to creed in the state album and silver side up album so fuck off haters creed rule go listen to your baby justin bieber because you guys dont like rock back in 2002 nickelback wasnt like this only creed back in 1997 creed wasnt like this nickelback they were not famous in that time until 2000 with the state with leader of men but just all of you fuck off fuck justin bieber asshole stop maikng fun off creed and nickelback and go fuck justin bieber trust me assholes”

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11. Anonymous said... on Apr 3, 2011 at 01:54AM

“I think its funny that this writer talks about how they rip off pearl jam, but every band nowadays is a rip off of another band, if your gonna insult someone at least do it intelligently.

Rock on Creed
\m/ (><) \m/”

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12. Anonymous said... on Apr 3, 2011 at 01:58AM

“And by the way Nirvana was one of the greatest bands from its time not only did it pave the way for grunge rock but it influenced rock and roll forever.”

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13. Anonymous said... on Apr 20, 2012 at 12:15AM

“Look, Creed dosent suck, They are great live and perform. Everyone copies or plagurises someones eles work if you look close enough, Shall we crucify every band then afetr chuck berry and the Beatles for even trying?? Britney for ripping off Madonna , lady gaga for trying to be madonna?? The only thing Creed should be ashamed about is trying to change their sound and test the boundaries, ala U2 several times, What would Nirvana have done after the same record over and over?? Bands burn out and fade away. Its life folks, get a grip”

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14. Anonymous said... on Jul 24, 2012 at 11:57AM

“creed sucks. mark tremonti is winning best guitarist just because christians are voting for him and he sucks compared to synyster g... he doesnt deserve that award”

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15. jiggle daddy juggler said... on Nov 18, 2012 at 11:52PM

“I was just thinking earlier today how I have not taken the time out of my day to hate on Creed in quite some time. Then I stumbled upon this old article and decided that my hate for Creed is more about telling jokes than musical practices.

So I guess what Im trying to say is that Creed sucks a big ole hairy shlonger”

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16. Anonymous said... on May 30, 2013 at 08:38PM

“Creed sucks for its lack of originality and not I mean not just that it was a blatant copy that would take advantage of the success of Pearl Jam, but because his songs are tedious. You can hear the first beat and you know that is going to repeat all the time, changing only slightly in the chorus, which is common all its shitty fucking songs. That is why creed stinks”

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17. Anonymous said... on Mar 26, 2015 at 06:05AM

“Creed sucks big hairy monkey dicks for not coming up with their own material instead copy a great band from the early 90s. Besides with creed, it's not about the music, it's all about money with these cocksuckers.”


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