What the Primary Taught Us

By Tim Whitaker
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Hillary lived in Scranton as a little girl ... as a little girl ... as a little girl ... as a little girl.

When describing Philadelphia politics, the out-of-town media will always mention the time Santa Claus was hit by a snowball at an Eagles game.

The same out-of-town media will also note with derision that "street money" is one of Philadelphia's oldest political traditions.

It's clear now, thanks to Colbert, that the Ben Franklin creep has become our unofficial mascot.

Our primary reasons: We have to admit we'll miss the excitement. Come back, Obama! The next cheesesteak's on us. (Photograph by Michael Persico)

Ed Rendell's humongous appetite is surpassed only by the humongous amounts of TV airtime he gets.

A political certainty: Given the chance, Chris Matthews will always kiss up to "Eddie" Rendell on Hardball.

The sound quality of bullhorns attached to car roofs to urge people to vote hasn't improved since 1957.

We get it: It's the western suburbs, stupid.

"South Philadelphia's Ninth Street Italian Market isn't as Italian as it used to be," began one Pennsylvania primary wire story as though it were 1997.

Fact of political life: Mark Segal will always find a way to seek publicity for himself.

Mayor Nutter gets nerdier by the hour.

Every Pennsylvania primary season Terry Madonna becomes a household name. The rest of the year, he's "Terry who?"

All it took was watching Larry King interview Stephen Colbert to know the CNN host is now officially one can short of a six-pack.

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