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Philadelphians speak out soberly about the city's spreading crime epidemic.

By PW Staff
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Jim Kelly

Age: 38
Neighborhood: Delaware County.
Occupation: Union plumber.

"I work in Center City at the Comcast building. There's very much been an increase in violence. People just don't care. They're just gonna kill ya. I used to live in Center City. I work in the city, but at nighttime I'm not comfortable. I saw somebody get shot in my old neighborhood. A guy was running down the street, and a dude just shot him for no reason. My next-door neighbor said, 'Do me a favor--give me a ride. I have to go get my aunt.' So I took him to Southwest. He goes into the house; I hear boom boom boom. He comes out, points the gun at me, and says, 'Take me home,' with a couple bad words. I took him home, and I went right to the police station and reported it. I was like, 'I'm out. Done.' That's when I left."


Eddie Waddington

Age: 20
Neighborhood: North Philadelphia.
Occupation: Student.

"They've been saying they need to get more cops on the streets, and they still haven't really done much. I personally don't really worry that much, but you always have in the back of your head that something could happen."


Jose Miranda

Age: 22
Neighborhood: West Powelton.
Occupation: Community activist.

"We have to stop the flow of guns onto the streets. We've got 12-, 13-year-olds who can go out and get a gun on the street. It's already made its way into Center City. Center City isn't going to be a safe place if we don't invest money in the neighborhoods."


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1. Joey Showers said... on Jan 9, 2009 at 08:04PM

“Andre Mathis went to jail for abusing children, both sexually and physically. He is also known for beating and stalking women. He is the last person you should get advise from on how to stop violence. He is a piece of trash!”

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2. victim said... on Jan 10, 2009 at 08:49PM

“ First of all, Andre Mathis' real name is Aundra Bruce Mathis. I sincerely doubt that he is a construction worker, too. When I knew him, he was selling his body to gay men out of Pentoney"s Bar. He is a PEDIPHILE, CHILD ABUSER, WOMAN ABUSER, LOSER, and a poor excuse for a man, a waste of his father's sperm, and should be incarcerated for the rest of his worthless life.”

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3. Laura Schaeffer said... on Jan 10, 2009 at 09:14PM

“Stop taking advise from people like Andre Mathis, Philly. This man is a sex-offender and a pediphile. Look up his criminal record. It's all documented. ”

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4. Nikki said... on Jul 14, 2013 at 04:47PM

“Please help me get more info on this dude. He claims to be my dad and wants contact with me and my son. I've tried to google his record but I can't get it.”


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