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By PW Staff
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Postgreen Homes, 2424 E. York St.


Best Mechanic Who Will Treat You Like Family

Wayne’s Garage has long been a neighborhood staple, but mechanic Bill not only fixes your car well the first time, he explains everything he’s doing with large, full-color diagrams in a fair but firm manner. What is a brake cylinder versus a brake drum? There’s a diagram for that. He forgives, but wants to make sure you’ve learned from your mistakes: “Next time, don’t let you’re your registration expire,” he calmly advises. He also offers you the option to pay back huge bills on a no-interest plan, just like you’re paying back good ‘ol Dad.

Wayne’s Garage, 4521 Springfield Ave. 215.222.5703.

Funniest Medical Research Team

Medical research sounds cold, detached and impersonal. But the HIV/AIDS Research Prevention Division at University of Pennsylvania is the exception. Even dishing out personal information on sexual practices and doing extensive blood draws, the entire team goes out of their way to make you feel welcome, comfortable and often laugh, even early in the morning. It is this supportive and fun atmosphere that makes the division one of the most successful in the country in an innovative and groundbreaking HVTN 505 vaccine research trial that could, one day, lead to a cure for HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Research Prevention Division, 3535 Market St. 215.746.7355.


Best Karaoke Star of the Gayborhood

Veterans of the Gayborhood karaoke scene know her by name (and voice). But for a stranger, you see her walk up to the mic and think, “They let homeless people sing?” Then she opens her mouth and what can only be years of emotion, stories to tell, sadness and actual raw talent come flying out of her vocal chords. She’s Barbara, who appears to wear a wig and often looks like she’s wearing a Halloween granny costume. She also nails every note of her “Send In The Clowns”-like/Les Mis/old crooner catalogue. Every time a various Karoake VJ announces her name it’s as if time stops; all eyes are on this mysterious creature about to belt out Liza Minnelli better than she can at this point.


Best MC to Take the Thrown

Freeway’s been the king of Philadelphia hip-hop for a very long time, but those days might be over. North Philly rapper Meek Mill’s is taking over. Meek’s built a hefty reputation with dozens of hard-as-nails street releases—including his ferocious Flamers series—and he recently signed with Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross. Since then, he’s jumped up a level. His latest tape, Dreamchasers, masterfully merges gangster grit with Machiavellian ambition. Freeway and Milly are buds, though—they recently connected in Philly to shoot Meek’s and Rozay’s “I’m A Boss” video—so it’s more like trading places than a coup.


Best Way to Get Swept off Your Feet

There’s all sorts of trendy ways to get in shape right now—kettlebell, hot yoga, fleeing from flash mobs—but there’s only one guaranteed to be more exhilarating than painful: circus school. The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts has been going strong since graduating from backyard classes to a formal school in 2008, with 35 new classes added on just this year. You can learn to how to execute the “bird’s nest” on trapeze, elegantly float and roll in reams of fabric, ride a unicycle—anything under the Big Tent, really. The instructors are all-star; Kendra Greaves is off training with Cirque du Soleil right now. With rolling introductory sampler classes, new “Works in Progress” showcases and the “Phantastical Phanatical: A Philly Circus Cabaret” coming up Nov. 18, you’ll have plenty of chances to check out the high-flying antics before running off and joining.

Philadelphia School of Circus Arts,

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1. Patricia T said... on Oct 21, 2011 at 02:17PM

“I would like to comment on the article about "Latest Homegrown Talent to Escape Philly - Mike Taylor". 1st it's always great to see that he has been mentioned in Philadelphia Weekly, but the title is definitely not correct. He didn't "escape Philly", he is just expanding his wings. Philly will always be 1st in his heart & he will be back. Whether it's Philly or L.A., let's continue to support him.”

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2. Anonymous said... on Oct 26, 2011 at 08:48PM

“What is the Rathaus!”

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3. Anonymous said... on Oct 27, 2011 at 08:14AM



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