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Getting to the bottom of the nastiest local rap beef.

By Brian McManus
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By his own admission rap artist Tyrik "Dirty Rik" Taylor's decade-long association with his former employer was less than stellar. He was a backup, a benchwarmer. "I sat the pine so long I got splinters in my motherfuckin' spine still," he says candidly in last month's YouTube video, before taking a hit off a curious-looking cigar and gazing into the camera. The droopy-eyed rapper then lays out his beef against Major Figgas--the consortium of rap artists from which he'd recently been exiled--and its boss, self-proclaimed "King of Philly" Gillie Da Kid.

The video, Dirty Rik Adresses Da Beef, is an explanation of the first shot fired in the grimiest rap battle Philadelphia has seen in years--one that involves allegations of child molestation, a barrage of violent threats against family members and tales of a gangsta rapper going gay for pay.

It also involves YouTube, the vehicle of choice for rap beefs in the Internet age. No longer are artists taking the time to write and record raps. Instead they're talking to cameras and uploading videos.

A few days and a couple thousand viewer hits later, a visibly irritated Gillie responds to Rik. Gillie talks for a second, then instructs the man behind the camera to go in for a tight shot of the 42-inch flatscreen monitor behind him. The frame blurs before returning to a sharp focus that lingers on a single line of a long arrest record. "Indecent assault person less [than] 13 years age." It's Rik's rap sheet.

"The Internet's a motherfucker!" exclaims Gillie, visibly charged by the prospect of what technology has to offer--especially when it comes to taking down his enemy.

The mood in the room is lighter than you might expect. Gillie, a true showman, hams it up for the camera--eyes wild, hat cocked--joking that Dirty Rik hangs outside elementary schools using Hannah Montana tickets and "Johannas Brothers" posters to entice young female students to talk to him.

After that video, the beef spirals out of control. Gillie stays on the offensive and issues another YouTube salvo. This time, the woman who claims Dirty Rik molested her young daughter stands by his side. Compelling at first glance, Margaret Moran, a white female from Southwest Philadelphia who resembles "Buckwild" from the first season of Flavor of Love, loses credibility by video's end as she laughs with Gillie about the charges she's leveling. She's obviously pleased to be there.

Moran goes by the name "Amirah" on the Internet, whether in the video with Gillie trashing Rik, applying to become a contestant on Flavor of Love or on her MySpace profile. In fact, Moran used MySpace to send Gillie the message about "helping him out any way [she] can" in his beef with Rik, her ex-boyfriend.

She decided to help by talking about Rik's criminal record in the video, saying he plead guilty to the indecent assault charge against him.

He didn't. Rik plead no contest only after his lawyer told him it wasn't an admission of guilt. The plea meant he'd be freed on time served, a plea bargain brought to the table by the district attorney, who saw the case falling apart due to inconsistencies in the testimony of the alleged victim.

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1. Jake said... on Nov 26, 2008 at 03:16PM

“this is terrible....gillie has been doin it wrong from the beginning he based a whole career around "beef" and bullshit....he gangsta grillz NEVER CAME OUT because DJ Drama is smart and didnt want his name mentioned in the same breath as Gillie....get your facts right...the reason that Beanie didnt speak when Gillie was screamin like a child on Power 99 is because he doesnt have to, he sold more records and is more respected by the fans and industry than Gillie...thats why all Beanie could say is "Are you Serious?" i dont know to much about dirty rik or his music...but i know GILLIE IS A DISGRACE....and the worst part is he a great emcee....but i cant enjoy his music because his personality and image are a SHIT stain on Philly hip hop history”

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2. Real said... on Nov 26, 2008 at 03:29PM

“Jake, What you mean Gillie's Gangsta Grillz never came out? I got a copy. Step yo' game up, pimp. Start shoppin' at places other than fye. Anna & Joe, Read the article. Seems pretty clear Rik didn't do it. This trick Margaret is a dick ridin' fame whore who wanted to cash in. READ. Angel, I'm inclined to agree with you. This guy McMamus should "right" about the music. LOL. Learn to spell, ignorant ass douche. PW doesn't want your ad anyway. There are enough chicks with dicks advertising in its pages anyway!”

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3. Jake said... on Nov 26, 2008 at 03:45PM

“real, the gangsta grillz is "out" but it was never officially released by Drama..he decided not to put it that shit....step YOUR game up son”

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4. Jake said... on Nov 26, 2008 at 04:09PM

“Gillies side of the story of why the gangsta grillz never came out.... DA STREETS R TALKIN: Whats the situation with your Gangsta Grillz mixtape, are you still putting that out? GILLIE DA KID: No, see the situation with the Gangsta Grillz. Drama reached out to one of my homies in Atlanta and said Im trying to do the Gangsta Grillz. I said ok, I put the music together. I gave him the music, he had the music for maybe a month and a half. He was like, I cant put it out right now. You know, cause T.I. was going through a lot of shit. So it was supposed to come out the second week in July. So before [Drama went] to Japan, he called me and said Im about to go to Japan but as soon as I get back Im putting the tape immediately out. I got a mutual friend thats real cool with Drama, hes a DJ [too], and I was talking to him on the phone. I said, Yeah you know I got this record, I dropped this bomb on Waynes head. He said give it to Drama. I said, naw cause you know Drama and Wayne got this relationship and I wouldnt even wanna put Drama in the middle of that. I said, Imma wait until Drama puts the mixtape out, then Imma drop [the diss record]. He must have hung up and talked to Drama. Drama called me and say, I heard you got a diss song coming at Wayne but you didnt wanna give it to me because you didnt know how I was gonna [react]. He say Gillie I fuck with Lil Wayne, but I fuck with you too. Im just a DJ, I aint with making a whole fuck Lil Wayne mixtape but if you got something and you got to get at the nigga send that shit to me. Thats some real nigga shit right there, you saying Im not taking no sides in this. He go to Japan, and I leak [the diss record]. When he comes back, this shit is on fire. He calls me talking about, I think we should wait a like a month to put the mixtape out cause this shit so hot right now. Like I aint know you was going to come like that, that shit is embarrassing. My last mixtape I put out was with Wayne, I got a relationship...I was like, what the fuck are you talking about, man. You told me to do this. You asked for this and then I give what you want and now you talking about you didnt know I was gonna come like this. So what you want me to jump in the ring with a nigga and just throw jabs? You dont want me to throw no uppercuts or no hooks huh? I already know, Stunna and them reached out to Drama. They trying to save Waynes face value down south. They know if that Gangsta Grillz shit would have come out down south, it would have been over for shorty. If you the best rapper alive and you honestly believe that, why you gotta bring politics to play, you feel me. Then I called the Drama King up, Kay Slay, he said bring it. DA STREETS R TALKIN: So the same mixtape you were gonna do with Drama, you did it with Kay Slay? GILLLIE DA KIDYeah, I got new shit on there though. I just like to keep it fresh. Shout out to Kay Slay, thats a real fucking nigga.”

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5. Nolan said... on Nov 27, 2008 at 02:10AM

“This guys' a fruitcake. Apparently I'm trying to bring down the name of Philly for stating it isn't a particularly violent city! I'll say that again, apparently I'm trying to bring down the name of Philly for stating it ISN'T A PARTICULARLY VIOLENT CITY!!! MILLIONZ, I can tell you're one of these sicko's who thinks it's OK to brag about violence, it's written in your comments such is the offence I've caused. The men in white coats should pick you up and throw you in an asylum you nutter. The abbreviation of California is CA - not Cali. 'Cali' is just lazy as it happens to be the name of the Colombian city which consistently challenges for the murder capital of the world. You're talking about Philly with it's small murder rate but why don't you book a flight to Cali, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Caracas, Guatemala City etc. and live in the slums of those cities? Give it a try ignoramus, then you would know the true meaning of terror.”

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6. IT DONT EVEN MATTER said... on Nov 27, 2008 at 08:51AM


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7. IT DONT EVEN MATTER said... on Nov 27, 2008 at 08:59AM

“^^^^^^TRUTH..... I just read about a gangster cartel in South America that apparently blew up a police station, took all the guns, and GOT AWAY WITH IT. I don't wanna hear about ANY AMERICAN CITIES and about how THUG they are..because the shit is sesame street up here compared to these other places. I will say that PHILLY is one of the only cities where cats will actually bust back at cops...apparently street cats don't know or care about the consequences, but they do....”

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8. MyBigBalls said... on Dec 3, 2008 at 06:08AM

“Mr. McManus...that was a hell of a compelling story. True journalism sir.”

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9. Floyd said... on Dec 4, 2008 at 05:28AM

“I'm old enough to remember when rappers' feuds ("beefs" in this article) at most got to "Microphones at ten paces", in which they would improvise rhyming lyrics face-to-face. The A-listers of the late 1980s went at each other on the airwaves with clever verse-anyone remember the LL Cool J vs. Kool Moe Dee rivalry?”

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10. Third said... on Dec 5, 2008 at 03:05AM

“Man, what's the deal w/ rap now...?”

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11. Third said... on Dec 5, 2008 at 04:58PM

“You forgot the diss song that Rik had on youtube...without that I would have never known who dude was. That shit was crazy and I'm sure that Gillie couldn't respond to he chose the faggot route. Chi-Town stand up.”

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12. Angel C. said... on Jan 12, 2009 at 01:36PM

“Whoever said to ignore it? Its just people story on what happened. Who knows what to believe? I just choose not to read the bullshit the writer wrote. If I had an opportunity to have the conversations with the people holding the beef -my story would be different. You see people have a choice to give up the beef. It takes something. I just feel that if you are going to write about something be responsible. he just wrote a story in hopes that the world will read and something good will come out of all this. And some good will come out of all this. So instead of writing what i wrote - I should have been more straight about what i was disgusted with. I grew up in the hood -with lots of beef. Lots of people get hurt and died because of dumb ass beef. Thanks for writing what you did write. Just recognize that you really didn't know where I was coming from and now you do. I know that I have to be clearer in my communication - so that I cause no beef. Thats my promise for now on. Be clear on what i want to say. Thanks for having that become available to me in the writing back and forth. Have a great life and please do not let anything sweep under the rug again. And make sure you do something about it to. So that you have more questions and unfounded opinions.... ”

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13. Angel C. said... on Jan 12, 2009 at 03:51PM

“Sorry for the grammatical error. i hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I never really learn to spell...but I have learn to count all my money.... at least a couple million times. I got that my communication on the blog wasn't straight and caused some heartache for you. The fact that you actually give a shit is impressive. And you are funny too. Do you work for PW - that you know they don't want my ad? And it's funny that you were 'write' (right) and so on target with 'wear' (where) my ads are located. What were you shopping for in the PW paper ? A chick with a dick? I wonder which one of us is more of an Ignorant Ass Douche? I probably am. Please forgive me for my rebuttal. I do not want to perpetuate the You can read my above post... Have a good life and give a shit for the real - not the unreal.”

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14. Anonymous said... on Apr 24, 2009 at 10:54AM

“This story is tragic on so many levels.

I knew Rik when he was a little boy. He was intelligent, interested about the educated culture of Philadelphia like churches and school and museums, and he was able to love. He wanted to learn. But he was also surrounded by shiftless trifling people, including white and black, some in his school, many in his own family. Some people tried to give him some clues of how to pull himself up and out, but the streets are like quicksand for young black men. All y'all need to stop blaming others and take it on y'sefs to build a real civilization, not just this phony Africa. Take a look over there and see nothing but poverty and warfare black-on-black.

In America, you have a chance to follow Jesus Christ and turn your life into something solid and decent, but it takes work and self-discipline like it says in the Bible. The work of it may never give you bling or fame, but it will keep you and your children out of trouble.

This life is just a moment of eternity. You are supposed to be building your permanent soul that will live forever either in heaven or hell. Why trade eternity in damnation for just a moment of lust, fame or money here? You can't take it with you. God wants your heart, soul, body and mind. He wants you to prove you love him and understand how much He loves you. Do not give up and give in. Satan is always the most attractive thing in your sight -- he comes at you as women, as drugs, as weapons, as all kind of scores and scams. Do not take the easy road. You will end up with nothing real, just waste. Never stop asking God to help you, and when he gives you the little tiny miracles, baby steps to help you survive every day until you are on the safe shore, thank Him. Thank Him every day.

Stop acting the fool, boys. A man is accountable for everything he says and does, here and in the life to come.”

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15. GEEZ said... on Sep 28, 2009 at 06:26PM



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