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Who Let the Blogs Out?

By Brian McManus
Add Comment Add Comment | Comments: 3 | Posted Oct. 29, 2008

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Who's reading? DI1: "Mostly Philly area and the U.S. in general, but in the last half-day we've had visitors from all over the world, including the U.K., Korea, Brazil, Poland, China, Turkey, Estonia and more."

How often do you post? DI1: "Approximately 15 times a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more." Casi: "Man, I used to post a lot but then I got working at the Obama campaign 'cause I realized that blogging really wasn't doing anything."

What differentiates 51:51 from other blogs? Casi: "It's mad Philly. But really the question is, 'How does 5151 differentiate from Philebrity?' and the answer is--we don't make fun of parties and then go to them. We actually like going to the shit we post about."

Any comments that stand out? DI1: "Most recently someone hating on a Jim Jones freestyle over MIA's 'Paper Planes' wrote, 'You sick fuck. He's only remixing it for the purpose of a dumbfuck like you blogging about it because now this song is popular and FM radio is calling it the brand new smash hit. Good job promoting talentless mainstream crap, dumb piece of shit.'"

What blogs do you frequent? DI1: "The Drip, 215HipHop, Let Me Ride, Mad Decent, Foobooz, Philly Shit, Government Names, Crossfaded Bacon, Notes From a Different Kitchen, NahRight and literally about 30 others from mp3 to politics to tech to locals like Philadelphia Will Do, Philebrity, Illadelph. Too many."

Future plans? DI1: "Keep it moving, keep posting. Isa Tulisa is bringing some great fashion features, including one on Fresh Melt Water recently. Hope to start producing regular video episodes with Seg. GWPow has an intense interest in global booty music and city development."

Bag of Songs

Name of blogger: Tom Szwech Blogging since: October 2006 Day job? Manager of reporting, Charming Shopees Inc.

Where'd you get the name for your blog? "I tried to find a name that was all encompassing, plus it was the name of an album I released with my band Tonewreck back in the mid-'90s."

Do you feature mp3s? "Yes."

What differentiates Bag of Songs from the other blogs? "I try to focus on more unknown bands and a lot of focus on Philadelphia music."

How often do you post? "Four to seven times a week, on average. I'd like to post more."

Any comments you've gotten that stand out? "I've had Vampire Weekend email me directly about a song a posted from them."

What are Bag of Songs' future plans? "Blogs are kind of like a combination of freeform radio and a record label. I'd really like to be able to push more toward being able to promote artists I discover and like."

Other Philadelphia Music Blogs Worth Checking Out:

The Walrus
It's easily the best designed music blog in the city, which makes sense, as it's owned by Gyro. (Oh, how it hurts to say!) And it's got the best tagline too--"music with really big teeth!"

Mark Schoneveld of Poverty Jet Set and XLNTads fame writes about the music he loves.

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