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Who Let the Blogs Out?

By Brian McManus
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"Yes. Most of the mp3s come from records sent in for review. The rest is music I think has been overlooked by the majority of the population whether it's from two years ago or 50."

What differentiates Sailor Jerry from other blogs?

"Content. Sure, other blogs could write up the same bands or review the same records, but we not only get great video interviews with a wide range of bands, we host events and film them specifically for the blog. How many other blogs have had bands like Jay Reatard, Film School, Thomas Function, Clockcleaner, Paint It Black, etc., come and play for them? In addition to that, we invite all of Philadelphia to come and join in on the fun and (sometimes) book bands that might skip the city altogether otherwise."

Who's reading? "We get a ton of traffic from all over the place. But specifically, I would say it's people who want to hear and find out about good music, past and present."

How often do you post? "Usually daily, but it depends. If we've got a great interview or performance I like to leave it at the top of the heap for a few days so it gets more attention."

Any comments you've gotten that stand out?

"We get a ton of praise frequently, but this one popped in my in-box today: 'Fuck Captain Morgan. Sailor J. puts hair on your chest.'"


Numbers game: The 51:51 crew blogs about the DJ scene.

No one in Philadelphia has been able to capture the DJ/party circuit in Philly like 51:51, who post daily about the hottest dance nights going on in town. They're early with a good number of hot-to-trot remixes of songs by artists like Santogold and M.I.A., and often know what Diplo is doing before the marquee DJ knows himself.

Name of bloggers: DI1 and Casi Kroth, with assistance from Isa Tulisa, GWPow and Seg.

Blogging since: August 2005

Where'd you get name for the blog? DI1: "One night during a thunderstorm the idea for the blog came to me. In the corner of the window 12:12 was being reflected from a digital clock and it read 51:51. 12:12 is also the time of night that Philly clubs are in full swing."

Do you feature mp3s: DI1: "Yes, most are sent by PR firms or artists themselves."

What differentiates 51:51 from other blogs? DI1: "Our blog is dedicated to DJ culture in Philly. When we started there weren't any blogs that I know of featuring solely the types of music and parties we do. Other blogs would occasionally mention DJ nights and music but weren't as focused as we are."

Which phrase best describes Diplo--can't stop or won't stop? Casi: "Diplo? Is that short for Diplodocus? Dude fell off my radar after Florida. I miss Low Budget Thursdays at the 700 Club."

Ever been in a "blog war"? Casi: "What's that? Where people talk shit to each other over the Internet without really doing anything?"

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