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Who Let the Blogs Out?

By Brian McManus
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Blogging since: "Our first post was in August of 2007, but we first started meeting and talking about actually making the magazine in June of 2007. Our first posting was a B.C. Camplight album review by Royce."

Day jobs? "Royce is an interior designer at a local architecture firm. I work as a barista, which usually leaves me open for the other things I love to do such as freelance graphic design, web design (I just did the new Repo Records website), copy-editing and proofreading and (only very rarely) artist bookings."

Why blog? "I look at it as an extension of who we are. Who says you can't do what you love in your spare time? Royce is a self-described music nut, and I would say that description fits me too. We love writing, and we love music. Starting Girl About Town gave us another outlet to express our deep-seated feelings on pop culture and, more specifically, any music that we truly love, as well as the ability to tell others about our finds, or to notify them about upcoming events. To take a note from the Style Council, we wanted to 'Shout to the Top!'"

Do you feature mp3s?

"We do. We try and keep them exclusive, but that can't always be the case. We do, however, make sure we always have permission from the artist in question. One of our most recent features was for the new single that previews local artist the Mural & the Mint's new album Private Pockets, which we're very excited about (and you should be too)."

What differentiates Girl About Town from other blogs? "We write specifically from a female perspective. Girl About Town is driven by an all-female staff with the occasional male contribution from our fellow Boys About Town. We are the only blog I know of that features a 'Femme Fatale' section (highlighting the influential women of rock 'n' roll). We can certainly roll with the boys, though. We do our best to write our best."

Who's reading? "From a marketing perspective I'd have to say our age bracket is likely between late-20s and late-40s. But on a day-to-day basis, late-night and early-morning Google searchers on the hunt for tips and tidbits on the next greatest band alive. Local Philadelphians who want to know what's going on in their scene. New Yorkers who are looking for a cool day trip to see a new act, and quite possibly, my mum. We get hits from all across the world, and one of our most clicked-on articles was a Femme Fatale article written by Royce about Justine Frischmann of Elastica."

How often do you post? "Daily, sometimes multiple times."

Any comments you've gotten that stand out? "I think Royce and I were both very touched by the response to her article about the recent passing of talented local musician Christopher Tucker (the Verge, the Situation, Orphan Family, among many others). I unfortunately didn't know Chris personally, but Royce did and I know that the article was very hard to write, and that it meant a lot to have such an overwhelming response to it and to remembering Chris."

What blogs do you frequent? "Rough Trade, ArtRocker, Philebrity, Ragged, Bag of Songs, Nylon, Phawker, Rock Town Hall, Music Snobbery, a lot of label and band-based blogs. Billy Bragg's blog podcasts."

Favorite Philly band? "Are you really asking us to name names? There are too many. The Mural & the Mint, Brown Recluse Sings, Jotto, War on Drugs, Gildon Works, Panda Riot (by way of Chicago), Spinto Band and the Sky Drops (both by way of Delaware), the Toy Soldiers, the Friggs!, Tickley Feather, Rarebirds, Grammar Debate!, Roomtone, Hermit Thrushes. I have a friend who just joined the Teeth's new project, which we're hoping to hear more about soon, the Purples. Philadelphia is just such a diverse city when it comes to music and there are too many to have just one favorite."

Sailor Jerry Music Blog

Hey, Sailor: Justin Rosenthal blogs under the influence of Jerry rum.

If you had a nickel for every time you found yourself shit-plowed on Sailor Jerry's tremendous rum you'd be able to afford a huge computer monitor with which to read Sailor Jerry's Music Blog. But you wasted that money. On more Sailor Jerry rum. You're a goddamn drunk. When you stop seeing double, take time out to discover new acts by watching countless videos produced by the staff at SJMB. Sailor Jerry is owned by the evil Gyro Advertising firm, so that's a bummer. But you'll be surprised what a few Gyro millions can produce!

Name of blogger: Justin Rosenthal

Blogging since: July 2007

Day job? "I run what's referred to as the Sailor Jerry Music Program and the blog is an extension of that. The rest of my time is taken up by playing guitar and writing for the band Love City."

Do you feature mp3s?

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