Thinking Positive

HIV activist William Brawner speaks out.

By Brian James Kirk
Add Comment Add Comment | Comments: 15 | Posted Sep. 10, 2008

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As a kid, when Brawner could've used a little positive reenforcement, there was no such inspiration.

On the second floor of the Allegheny Avenue warehouse--up the dusty, wooden steps and through a door marked HAVEN--teenage boys and girls watch SportsCenter on a 20-inch screen, lob basketballs at an arcade hoop and talk among themselves on a couch near the entrance.

As a sick kid himself, Brawner says he had minimal social support outside his family and he could only dream of a place like HAVEN, where he could be open about his situation.

"Let's say you're 14--where would you rather go?" he asks. "You want to be with your friends, hanging out, having a good time in an atmosphere that's not all about doctors and needles."

Today--almost three decades after the first acknowledged cases of HIV/AIDS and a decade since medications have changed the paradigm from saving lives to helping people live healthy--more than 16,000 people live with HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia, 79 percent of whom are black or Latino.

And here's where Brawner comes in: Thirty-four percent of the newly infected are under 29.

Most of the kids referred to HAVEN come from hospitals that rely partially on support-group attendance at places like Brawner's center for funding. Though hospitals are cautious recommending anyplace for kids, progress at HAVEN has been steady. In April the center had 15 kids; now it has twice as many.

While many organizations provide prevention and treatment for teens, HAVEN is the only center focusing on HIV-positive kids 13 to 24 in the city. Describing it as strictly recreational, though, would diminish what Brawner's trying to do. HAVEN also provides food and pays for public transportation. Kids can call Brawner's cell phone in emergencies.

But mainly it's a place they can go to feel comfortable talking about their situation. Brawner says some of the kids haven't even told their siblings they have HIV.

Though medicine has made HIV a manageable chronic disease, like diabetes or cystic fibrosis, treatment adherence is critical.

"If you're told to take a medicine twice a day, seven days a week, and you miss every Saturday, the medicine will stop working for you and you can never go back to those medicines," says Dr. Rutstein.

Brawner makes sure kids at HAVEN keep doctor's appointments and take their medication. Two of the teens have been designated "undetectable" since coming to the center, which means the virus is almost invisible in tests.

When Brawner was a student at Howard University his condition was invisible to the outside world. But the virus grew heavier, even-tually sapping his emotional--and moral--strength.

As a college student William Brawner walked to breakfast every morning. Near the cafeteria, on a ridge just across McMillan Reservoir, stood the hospital where he became infected.

In his freshman year Brawner met a guy named Langley McGhee, and the two became good friends. They spent their weekends partying hard, and prided themselves on the number of women they pursued.

Brawner hid his HIV status from McGhee and their other friends--and worse, from his sexual partners.

Street fighter: William Brawner, HIV-positive for 27 years, has transformed a neighborhood warehouse into a refuge for HIV-positive youth. (photo by michael persico)

"I never would've predicted he was HIV-positive," says McGhee, now a computer technician. "You'd think a person [in that situation] would be a little bit more reserved about sexual activity."

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1. Jennell McHugh said... on Sep 11, 2008 at 07:11AM

“This exploration of observations reads well while subtly exposing us to complexities with which many infected individuals have dealt since the conception of the virus, although they are not alone. From misunderstanding to anger to denial to detachment to depression to awareness to acceptance to empowerment, these metamorphoses are universal but in the context of Brawner's life, crucial towards reestablishing our attention and priority to the goals of promoting education and healthy lifestyles, especially among young people. It is important to recognize the positive proaction of individuals rallying against the status quo of those more comfortable ignoring the problems that harbor Philadelphia and the world at large, especially in a way that does not slight the windy and troubled road in which those, like Brawner, traveled. This cover story is absolutely worth a cover; Bravo. ”

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2. Christopher said... on Sep 11, 2008 at 01:35PM

“I really liked the lede graf and the jump back to how Brawner got HIV positive - not obvious, effective.”

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3. ecortes said... on Sep 11, 2008 at 07:24PM

“This was such a great cover story. People are always asking, "Where is the good news out there!?" Well here it is. His story hopefully can inspire everyone out there whether HIV positive or not. This man struggled but at the same time knew he was doing wrong so he changed it. As long as you know what you want in life, no one can stop you; that's what I always believed in. It may take time and patience and he got it. ”

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4. Dekia said... on Sep 12, 2008 at 09:57AM

“Will & Bridgette! Im am so happy and proud of what you are doing! God has truly blessed you both. Im always touched by your story every time i read or hear it and I truly feel honored to know you! Keep on keeping on (as the church folks say!!)”

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5. Ricky S. said... on Sep 12, 2008 at 01:24PM

“It is an honor, and makes me feel proud, to know the both of you personally. I thank you for sharing your lives with the world.. you DO make a difference (even if they don't get up and applaud or offer ovations after speeches)... it's hard to applaud when you are facing a deafening reality in your own life.. when you are grasping what could be so very possible for yourself... when we are left to examine our own risky behaviors and judgement.. there isn't too much to clap about.. but it's VERY necessary and take the absense of the ovation as confirmation that you were heard loud and clear. Thank you for blessing my own life... thank you and thank God for using you in this mighty way and giving me a little glimpse into what my own life means.”

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6. Lady Lib said... on Sep 15, 2008 at 01:34PM

“I thought this was a well written piece. With the upcoming AIDS Walk Philly (Oct.19) and World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) not too far behind it--the PW should run a listing of where people can go to get free HIV Counseling and Testing in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware--by zip code.”

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7. Gail Ramsey said... on Sep 16, 2008 at 05:09PM

“Quote from the ariticle: "Something about his body kept his virus at bay, which is very unusual.” Wil and Bridgette: May God continue to keep you both in His amazing grace. Love, Gail”

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8. hahnah said... on Nov 12, 2008 at 02:03PM

“william, this is your sister Bambi. I never knew of your struggles and love you even more for sharing them!!!!!!”

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9. N. O. said... on Feb 2, 2009 at 08:26AM

“I went to Howard with Red and Langley. I was with them through the good and bad times. Will, as close as we were, I had no clue! I am proud of you for the man you have become and the inspiration you given others. Keep up the great work. N.O.”

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10. Sharday said... on Dec 7, 2011 at 09:52PM

“This guy goes out of his way to infect people with AIDS, and just because he's stopped it, he'd being lauded as a hero? He should be in jail!

Also, the whole story sounds fake. Burned in the bathtub so severely that he needed skin grafts? Did they have boiling water coming out of that faucet? And then no one bothered to test the temperature, and just dropped an infant into a tub of boiling water accidentally? Why did no one question such an outlandish story, and explain how that could happen, before just publishing it as "fact"?

So we've got a kid who ran around deliberately trying to infect people, and who now seems to still be extremely selfish and disrespectful of other people- he's mentioned as being late, i.e. leaving other people waiting on him (for 90 minutes in one instance!), and now we're giving him accolades for becoming an "activist." He was already an AIDS activist-he was actively spreading AIDS. He basically attempted to kill his sexual partners. Nice guy.”

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11. WTF said... on Dec 10, 2011 at 07:26PM

“I cannot believe people are applauding this dude. He deliberately had unprotected sex with the females at HU.I don't want to that bullshit he didn't know if he supposedly caught HIV the way he say he did the he had yo have been on medicine from that point on. I can see as a child u not knowing but as u become a teenager and a adult... how stupid do he thinl people are?? He wants to be a victim and a hero but he's an disgusting dirt bag.. I have no sympathy for him but my heart goes out to the females he could have exposed..”

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12. Shaheed said... on Mar 26, 2012 at 10:28AM


I just lost a sibling to the disease and I bet he did his dirt too but here is what I know. Our society doesn't have open conversations on the issues of sex so we have to take a stand.

I wish more people that messed up would redeem themselves by trying to educate and save someone else.

It takes two too tango and if you have sex unprotected you own 50% whether you are positive or not. Women have to own up to making a Brother strap up in love or not.

A bad start doesn't negate a good finish.”

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13. marian duss said... on Sep 6, 2013 at 03:28AM

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14. Anonymous said... on Mar 2, 2015 at 04:00PM

“Just saw the documentary. Although i disagree with how he began his sexual lifestyle I sm happy he has come out and made such positive actions towards coping and curing hiv. We have all done things whether we know it or not yo out conceive in harms way. Whether it be drunk driving or not paying attention but there's lessons to be leather and life goes on. Hopefully this piece encourages all to do their part in the prevention and awareness of the disease”

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15. Sandria Walton said... on Mar 19, 2015 at 12:54AM

“I really admire and respect you for admitting/acknowledging your mistakes. Raising awareness for AIDS is very courageous and not everyone is brave enough to announce their status. Despite the negative backlash, the world needs to be aware of this disease and continually practice safe sex. I just finished watching your film and I'm happy to see a REAL reality movie that's not scripted.

Continue to fullfil your purpose!!! #Awareness4Aids”


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