Is Arlen Specter Even Trying?

By Brendan Skwire
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Here's a good one:

Sestak claims all military officers are Democrats

On numerous occasions on the campaign trail (including at the Montgomery County Democratic Committee’s fall dinner), Joe Sestak has made the assertion that “all military officers are Democrats,” and that “they just don’t know it yet.” He told Andrea Mitchell the same thing on MSNBC. This might come as a surprise to some officers, such as Gen. Colin Powell.

This would be the same Colin Powell who endorsed Barack Obama while Specter was campaigning for McCain and openly hoping Pennsylvanians were racists. OOPS.

Specter also makes a big deal out of the fact that "Sestak bought $8,500 worth of stock from Japanese automakers Honda and Toyota." What kind of cuckoo-bananas invests in successful thriving companies? And wasn't Specter just complaining about pandering just a few paragraphs ago?

I could go on about this pathetic attempt to attack his opponent, but I think the pettiness of these examples speaks volumes. Frankly, Specter has a difficult time this year. The past decade had a net of ZERO jobs under Republican domination: that's part of Arlen's record. As a Republican, he's opposed many of the same issues he now stands for as a Democrat. No wonder he's concentrating on cheap shots instead of what he's done as a Senator. No wonder he's holding silly hearings about crime in Philadelphia, when he's never had much to say on the topic in the decade I've lived here.

Specter's sad attacks tell a story about an old man who's watching history pass him by; who's tired of politics but doesn't know what else to do with himself; and who woke up one morning and found that he'd become an outcast in his own party. The truth is that despite for all the hoopla of the establishment Democrats' support for his candidacy, Specter isn't all that popular with the electorate.

If he keeps sending out press releases like this, he won't have to worry about the electorate much longer.

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