Woman Killed in Pit Bull Attack

By PW Staff
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CBS 3 reports a 38-year-old woman was killed by a pit bull during an argument with her mother, the dog's owner. "According to police, Christine Staab was attacked at about 7 a.m. Saturday while at her mother's house on the 1400 block of East Oxford Avenue. Staab and her mother reportedly got into an argument on the front steps of the home, prompting a pit bull named Jade to attack. "When the police got here, they discharged on the dog because the Mom couldn't get the dog off the daughter," said neighbor Erin Houdshell. Officers shot and killed the attacking dog and another pit bull who reportedly charged at police. Four other dogs were taken to an area animal shelter. Neighbors told CBS 3 that Staab's mother, Barbara Erb, had been raising six pit bulls in her North Philadelphia home. "I think because they've had some physical altercations in the past. The dog was being protective and kind of jumped the girl," said Houdshell."

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