Who's Investigating City Hall?

The watchdogs are on a short leash.

By Aaron Kase
Add Comment Add Comment | Comments: 1 | Posted Apr. 6, 2010

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They might be writing brilliant laws to bring the city back from the brink of total budget meltdown. They might be playing Tetris. They might be committing heinous acts of unspeakable vulgarity and using taxpayer dollars to sop up the mess.

We just don’t know.

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1. Anonymous said... on Sep 8, 2010 at 07:21AM

“Elementary School students read Pornography
A Philadelphia principal gave porn to Elementary School students in her care.
The school district and its superintendent has declined to investigate
If you are interested in this story email jmasonfranklin@hotmail.com
I have one copy of the book that the students handled.
I will send you a copy of the section that was inappropriate.
I will send you picture of the book and Information about an inappropriate film also shown to the same Elementary students.
There are staff and student witness. Some staff and students have already been disciplined,
so nobody else comes forward.


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