Update: Wednesday Flash Mob Press Conference

By Randy LoBasso
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Mayor Michael Nutter gave a press conference today regarding the flash mobs, and, according to KYW news radio, offered “more of the same,” which -- warnings and tactics he can’t yet make public.

The mayor said he’s got rapid-response teams in place to deal with mobs, even though rowdiness can be difficult to predict.  The problem, he said, isn’t kids getting together. It’s when “knuckleheads” turn violent, push people around and cause trouble.

He recommended business employees and owners get involved in their communities to help stop this sort of behavior before it starts. If these small measures don’t work, Nutter may try to resolve the problem using Frank DiCicco’s plan: curfews.

While a citywide curfew may make the window of opportunity smaller, it doesn’t take too much smarts to remember the last two Center City flash mobs occurred during the day. Not to mention blogs rumoring that another may take place today at 40th and Market streets at 3pm.

The Daily News runs down yesterday’s notable quotes dealing with the flash mobs from those in power:

D.A. Seth Williams: "We need parents to be accountable for their kids. You need reasonable teenagers who, when they find out this information, share the information with us."

Sen. Anthony Williams: “Every bad parent who does things that we all would say . . . that's criminal, then guess what? It's criminal. You have to have a standard for civility."

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison: “There is the right to free assembly in this country. People have the constitutional right to be an idiot."

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