The Big and Small Moments of 2011

By Michael Alan Goldberg, Randy LoBasso and Tara Murtha
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Big moment: Former Democratic State Senator and South Philly maven Vince Fumo gets his sentence extended by six months to 61 months. At his hearing he says, “I am tired. I am depressed. All I want is peace … It’s not Club Fed. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

Small moment: Fumo’s private prison emails are released. And shit, that dude’s insane. “I feel like Caesar and Christ all tied into one with Brutus and Judas both stabbing me in the back,” he wrote at one point.

Big moment: A group called the Philadelphia Independent Veterans Association is created to challenge politicians who use fake military credentials when running for office—especially then-City Council-at-Large candidate David Oh, who had been caught doing just that.

Small moment: David Oh wins the seat and the PIVA goes quiet, writing their last Facebook post on the morning of election day. So much for the cause.

Big moment: Outgoing Councilman Frank DiCicco, perhaps indebted to the “lets make buildings look weird” lobby, tries to add legislation into the city’s new zoning code that would allow a building on Callowhill to be wrapped in billboards, which would cause the city to lose public funding, but perhaps gain lots of ad revenue.

Small moment: Nutter vetoes the idea, and future City Council president Darrell Clarke decides what we really need is advertising on city property.

Big moment: Businessperson and former Mayoral candidate Tom Knox threatens to run for mayor, over and over again. First as a Democrat, then as an Independent, then a Democrat again?

Small moment: To get Knox off his back, Nutter signs an executive order creating something called the Facilities Management Taskforce. As leader, Knox and 13 others will be kept busy for two years, trying to figure out which city properties need to be either leased or sold.

Big moment: Former Democrat and ultimate crazy person Karen Brown wins the Republican nomination for mayor by less than 100 votes.

Small moment: Brown releases two campaign commercials using 1970s B-movie cameras, loses the election against Nutter, then goes on Judge Judy.

Big moment: Karen Brown files an official grievance with NBC 10 through her lawyer, Philly Republican Matt Wolfe, in which they complain about the station’s playing of a primetime special called Ask the Mayor . NBC then gives her a special, too.

Small moment: Then Brown grieves at Fox29, when they air her single mayoral debate with Nutter on Fri., Oct. 4, at 10:30 p.m., a time when no one watches TV.

Big moment: Gov. Tom Corbett signs Senate Bill 732, which many call a “Back-Door Ban” on abortion. The bill will use architectural regulations to close women’s health centers.

Small moment: Next up, House Bill 1077, which will require all women seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound at least 24 hours before the procedure and listen to the fetus’ heartbeat, if it has one.


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1. Reasonable Solutions said... on Dec 28, 2011 at 09:44PM

“We are honored to be mentioned in one of the big moments of 2011. It was brought to our attention at tonight's RS meeting... We were tickled to read it. Ahhh... Memories :)



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