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Regarding Tom Cowell’s recent cover story about state-controlled wine and spirit stores in Pennsylvania:

We shall revolt.

If Improv Everywhere could get 1,200 people to ride the subway with no pants, could we get 1,200 people at one time to cross the border to N.J., buy a single bottle of wine or beer, return to Pa. then call the State Police and let them book us for breaking the law? I think we could. Can you imaging how ridiculed the LCB would be in the eyes of the whole nation for doing this? Victory is within our reach! Revolt drinking brothers and sisters!

JAKE via

The union issue is a political smokescreen. It’s the huge donations from the wholesalers to the heads of the respective committees in Harrisburg that’s the problem. Don’t be fooled that anyone in Harrisburg wouldn’t sell out the 2,300 clerks if the donations poured in for opening up the system. Nothing will change until the general population really raises a stink and follows through with PAC money. Every time I mention this issue to an elected official I hear: “No one other than wine snobs really cares.” Somehow, they feel the state will lose revenue if ordinary businesses collect the taxes.

We are actually losing a lot of jobs with the current system. There would be many independent wine/spirits specialty stores opened. Retailers such as Costco, Trader Joes and Whole Foods all have great wine programs in other states. All of these retailers open elsewhere first.

TED via

As a bourbon drinker, I have seen the selection in Pennsylvania go to hell in the last couple of years, while bourbon is exploding nationwide and around the world.

In PLCB-land, any product not strictly conforming to their set formula is eliminated, and little or nothing new is introduced to fill the gap. I buy as much booze out of state as I can. Tax revenue is being lost because of the PLCB!

SAM K. via

Visiting a state store seems to me to be what it must have been like to shop for similar goods in a 1950s Soviet industrial town. At least the hammer and sickle on the wall would have brightened the place up a bit. I’ll continue to spend my booze (and gasoline) money in Jersey.

JAY B. via

Regarding Brendan Skwire’s online feature about Arlen Specter’s performance record:

Arlen Specter has solicited money from unions in Philadelphia and the state. He has never done anything for them. Always stating that he had to vote his conscience. A statement like that really makes you wonder what the hell is this nutcase talking about?

Let’s get a serious candidate in there that will bring business to Philly. And make sure it’s not a Democrat or a progressive Republican traitor.


Do I hear “Presidential Potential” in this guy’s resume? Talk much, do little aside from cause less to get done? It’s happening all over the country, trials which only serve to bankrupt individuals. It’s all about the money, and keeping lawyers in business. Plea bargains for habitual criminals are like job security, yet do nothing for the security of the people. Court hearings are more than just special events for those who’ll never learn to listen—they turn average citizens into criminals, but more so, if not warranted, they demean the way we see our country’s legal system. It’s no joke.


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