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Regarding Jonathan Valania’s recent cover story about a local meeting of Tea Party Patriots:

You raise many valid points in your criticism of the Bush administration, although we could argue the accuracy of some of your points. To me, the Obama administration hit the tipping point. I have great respect for the Presidency and believe, in my heart, that President Obama is well-intentioned. It’s just that he is misguided and not up to the challenges facing the country. Nor is he heading us in the proper direction. I’m disappointed that the President has not worked in a non-partisan manner to address our country’s problems as he promised, over and over again in the campaign.

The tea party movement not only opposes liberal policies but was started, in my view, to challenge the political class, both democrats and republicans. Our nation was founded on the notions of equality of freedom and equality of opportunity. The political class has lost sight of these concepts and needs to be challenged.

FRANK via philadelphiaweekly.com

Thank God for people like The Delco Patriots and others who have come together to help fight for our constitution, support the troops, lower taxes and fight for smaller government. Most of these people at tea parties are regular people tired of big government spending and far-left agendas.

It’s not a republican or democratic thing, it’s an American thing. That’s what these good Americans are fighting for.

Conservative values are common sense and facts over liberal emotion.

STEVE via philadelphiaweekly.com

Based on the quality of our meeting place at least you now know there is no outside funding of our organization. As to our intent, it's safe to say that we are fed up with both political parties. My goodness, what terrible people we are to peacefully meet at our expense and discuss the failings of our elected officials.

Once you work 30, 40, 50 years or more you will understand why we no longer believe that the politicians in Washington really care about us. They are totally out of touch with the very people who elect them. God bless the Constitution and the freedom of speech; the very thing that your article attacked.

DAVE via philadelphiaweekly.com

So you crashed the party, heard some right-wing rhetoric, ate their refreshments, went home and thought about what you should’ve said?

From the tone of this article I was expecting the Grand Dragon carrying the Nazi flag! How anti-climactic! Next time ask some tough questions!

TODD via philadelphiaweekly.com

I had to smile when I read of your covert efforts. You have a seriously wrong impression of those who are involved in moving the country back toward the views of the founding fathers. You would've been welcomed just as you are, although perhaps that would have taken away some of the fun for you.

Perhaps next time you will introduce yourself. And better yet, bring some friends with you. Let them see for themselves whether the Patriots are a bunch of crazies or people who are worried about the future.

Incidentally there was no need to criticize the Media Inn, which is suffering from a difficult economy and in fact is closing their doors forever this month.

CLARRISA via philadelphiaweekly.com

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