Savage Love

By Dan Savage
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Clean Sheets Enthusiast

A: No, CSE, it does not. People should be understanding, indulgent and GGG—“good, giving, and game”—and a partner’s reasonable fetishes, kinks and quirks should be accommodated. A thing for feet or crossdressing or bondage? Totally reasonable! Accommodate away! A thing for shit or animals or seitan? Unfuckingreasonable.

It’s wonderful—I suppose—that your boyfriend felt safe enough with you to share this info, and he’s probably thrilled that you didn’t, er, dump him on the spot. (Prudie could’ve come up with something better.) But the Internet was invented expressly to remove guys like your boyfriend from the dating pool. Kink personal sites make it possible for people with unreasonable fetishes to find partners who share their unreasonable fetishes. That you’re still seeing him, and calling him a gentleman, is the best he could hope for from someone he didn’t meet on a shit and/or seitan fetish website.

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1. Brett said... on Apr 22, 2011 at 02:16PM

“Let Man Into Lactation Kink know that a lactating woman's breasts will begin lactating on the onset of orgasm. Win - win!”


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