Savage Love

By Dan Savage
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But he’s the bigger jerk.

My reasoning: He took up with another woman during his wife’s absence, and he allowed this other woman to move into the home he shared with his wife. The other woman avoided conversations about the future because she was afraid of finding out that she didn’t have one; he avoided conversations about the future because he was afraid the other woman would pack up her pussy and leave if he told her she didn’t have one. And then he tossed the other woman out on her ass the very day his wife returned to the States, giving her very little time to make other living arrangements.

That makes him the bigger jerk, IMO. You both deserve new assholes—but he deserves a slightly bigger one.

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1. susan phillips said... on Mar 30, 2011 at 12:14PM

“I heard a replay of Dan and Terry's interview on Fresh Air on NPR this Saturday. It was a really good interview and the book sounds great for teens, young adults or really anyone.”

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2. in bed with married women said... on Mar 31, 2011 at 02:55PM

“I kind of want Wallflower at the Orgy to go just so she could report back to us on what sort of small talk, exactly, she ended up making while the fisting was going on. "How do you know the host"...? "Have you tried the salmon"...? "Wow, that's one big fist"...?
in bed with married women”

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3. T said... on Apr 27, 2011 at 04:58AM

“To In bed with married women....I'd gone to a 3-day party over a labor day weekend a couple of years ago. The home was huge, and the way it was set back from the road, along with carefully placed trees, made it very private. There was of course, a pool. Our host was a doctor, recently divorced and new to a kinky world of BD, fisting, etc. From the moment we arrived Saturday noon until leaving monday, the 12 of us were always naked.
I'm a bit like the Wallflower, but like being in that company and being naked. On Sunday, I decided my "way out" (of being more involved) was to cook for us all. Helpful, productive, etc. After spending 20 mins finding the door, I headed to the basement where I stood, eyes locked with the doctor's, not wavering for an instant, as he ran down a long list of what he'd purchased for us and where everything was located. "There are 12 lobsters in the..." while someone - I didn't look who - had most of his arm in the good Dr. - "Asparagus and in the drawer..."”


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