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By Dan Savage
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We used to have a regular feature at Savage Love called “Straight Rights Watch.” It lapsed when the Democrats took the House in 2006 and political attacks on the sexual freedoms of straight people decreased. But the GOP is back in charge of the House and state houses across the country, and attacks on the sexual freedoms of heterosexuals—attempts to ban abortion, restrict access to birth control, destroy Planned Parenthood (which doesn’t just serve straight people), even make it legal to kill abortion providers (!!!)—are back, and so, sadly, is Straight Rights Watch.

Hello? Heterosexuals? Your legislators need to hear from you, and they need to hear from you now. And there’s an easy way to make your voice heard: Go to and add your name to an open letter to Congress, then swing over to, click Donate, and give what you can.

CONFIDENTIAL TO MADISON, WISCONSIN: I’ve never been prouder of my connection to Madison than I am right now—and, hey, don’t let those lying bastards at Fox News get you down. To everyone else: Meet the people who are taking a stand at peoplewisconsin.

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