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By Dan Savage
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Curious Cocktail Connection

A: A cocktail can’t be GGG, CCC, but a couple of cocktails—enough to take the edge off inhibitions, not so much to make consent unpossible—can induce GGG. And, I’m saddened to report, the GGGinger’s G s refer to three of the gin-based cocktail’s ingredients—ginger beer, candied ginger and ginger syrup—and not to the Savage Love meme “good, giving and game.” Still, Grange co-owner Brandon Johns is confident that his GGGingers have inspired GGG behavior all over Ann Arbor.

“It’s been our most popular drink since we opened,” says Johns, “so it must be doing something right. We also do pitchers of them, and when a couple shares one of those—let’s just say that something good is bound to come of that.”

And in other, more successful Savage Love memes …

Former U.S. senator and current presidential candidolt Rick Santorum “opened up” to Roll Call last week about his “longtime Google problem,” aka “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex” and always the number-one search result when you Google the former senator’s last name.

“It’s one guy,” Santorum told Roll Call. “You know who it is … It’s unfortunate that we have someone who obviously has some issues.”

I do have issues—I have lots of issues—but I take particular issue with politicians who compare loving, stable same-sex relationships to “man on dog” sex, as Santorum has done, or who would ban same-sex marriage and adoptions by same-sex couples, as Santorum has promised to do if he gets elected president. But the lowercase “s” santorum campaign wasn’t “one guy.” A lot of people were involved—from the Savage Love reader who first suggested that we redefine your name to all the folks who’ve written about it over the years (thanks, Roll Call!)—just like a lot of people were involved in turning Rick Santorum out of office in 2006, an election he lost by an 18-point santorumslide.

The website that’s still giving Rick Santorum fits——hasn’t been updated since 2004. But we’re going to be relaunching the site in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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