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Regarding last week’s cover detailing the big and small moments of the past year:

BIG MOMENT: The Phillies don’t make it.

SMALL MOMENTS: Mayor Nutt-case doesn’t get fired for jerking off the citizens of Philadelphia with the fake budget crisis. The city is still stealing the ridiculous wage tax from the citizens, then crying broke. Philadelphia’s public school system is a disgrace. Every single Philadelphia city government agency is plagued with corruption and no one cares. The Anna Verna Puppet Show, oops, I mean City Council, does nothing to benefit the citizens of Philadelphia, but don’t worry, they’ll all be voted in again next election.


Regarding Bill Chenevert’s “Week’s Worst” article about local band the Starting Line:

I’m Ken Vasoli, singer and bassist for the Starting Line. You know, the “horseshit” band with an “insufferable brand of whine.” Thanks a million for printing that article filled with those classic low blows. You guys are giving Pitchfork a run for their money by cleverly cutting down bands like us: it’s clearly the hip, elitist thing to do. Congratulations in advance for the increase in readership, as I’m sure will be the result of bashing a popular Philadelphia band.

What exactly was the point if the article? Was it to prevent people from attending a show that’s already sold out, or perhaps to convince thousands of Philadelphians that they have inferior taste in music? Regardless, I’m happy to report that the two shows were both a fantastic success. I could barely hear myself over the crowd’s singing. These shows gave us in the band an indescribable feeling of joy, one that I’m sure Chenevert will never experience in his pathetic excuse for a career. I imagine the closest he will come to such euphoria will be masturbating to a Deerhunter record while reading the single comment left for his review bashing Coheed and Cambria. I win.

KEN VASOLI via email

I am a longtime reader and huge Philadelphia music supporter. I’ve always been fond of how supportive the paper is of its local artists. In this article, Chenevert was blatantly bashing a group of local artists that you have written articles in support of in years past, and not giving supporting reasons for his hatred.

Whether or not a writer likes a band, they should at the very least show respect toward another creative mind. This highly celebrated group of hometown heroes have given Philadelphia and its surrounding areas a positive image for the better portion of the past decade, and helped to nourish the local music scene.

DOUG via email

Regarding Adam Erace’s list of top 10 dishes in the city:

Those roasted oysters Español sound fantastic. Glad the sliders at Varga got a mention. They rock, as does their mac ’n’ cheese and cheese fries with crab meat.

I have much love for Jose Garces but I hope they wised up on the buns they use. I’ve had two burgers there so far, and the buns just fell apart. It ruins the whole package in my mind, so I hope they’ve improved in that area. I’m guessing they have since they got a mention here.


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1. KPN said... on Jan 8, 2010 at 03:15PM

“Re: Brian McManus' "Beef: Finishing the Starting Line" (Jan.6, 2010)

Your comment about Ken Vasoli and the microphone was HOMOPHOBIC. Shame on you!”


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