PW's Quick & Easy Voters Guide for Tuesday, Nov. 6

By PW Staff
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“Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to authorize the creation by ordinance of requirements for additional information to be submitted with the annual operating budget, annual capital budget, and capital program, including, but not limited to, information about the cost of performing specific functions, the effectiveness of such functions, and the costs versus benefits of proposed expenditures, and to require the Finance Director to provide such information?”

Uh, so what’s that mean?

If this were passed, the director of the city’s Finance Department would be required to give City Council information relating to the mayor’s budget proposals. Mayor Nutter actually supports the principle behind the proposal, and so does the Committee of Seventy, but only one of those two groups—Seventy— could put its name behind it because, not surprisingly, the city currently lacks the technological know-how to make it happen.


“Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter— which allows for a preference in the civil service regulations for the children of Philadelphia firefighters or police officers who were killed or who died in the line of duty–be amended to further allow for a preference for the grandchildren of such firefighters or police officers?”

Uh, so what’s that mean?

Was someone in your family a Philadelphia police officer or firefighter? Was s/he killed in the line of duty? Sorry for your loss, but congratulations, you are given preference to work as a police officer or firefighter in this city.


“Should the City of Philadelphia borrow ONE HUNDRED TWENTY THREE MILLION SIX HUNDRED SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($123,670,000) to be spent for and toward capital purposes as follows: Transit; Streets and Sanitation; Municipal Buildings; Parks, Recreation and Museums; and Economic and Community Development?”

Uh, so what’s that mean?

Want more cool stuff in the city? Things like better parks, community centers and museums? The money’s got to come from somewhere. And we sure as shit don’t have it. So let’s borrow it from someone else, spend it and figure out the details later. Just like the federal government.

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1. Anonymous said... on Nov 6, 2012 at 12:13PM

“What insightful "journalism". Such well thought out interpretations of the ballot questions will certainly aid voters in their decisions. Are there any grownups working over there?”


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