Panic at the Bisco

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Regarding Brian McManus’ recent cover story about Camp Bisco:

I have been a close friend and fan of the band for the last 10 years. I have seen them work their asses off against every sort of obstacle to do the unthinkable: become a successful band with no support from any of the conventional sources.

Instead of focusing objectively on the band, the music and the festival you chose to focus on drug use pretty much exclusively. When you speak about a stigma, are you really just telling us how you and your friends feel about the band? 

There is drug use but there is a lot more to it than that. Every festival has drug use, also every festival has mud and rain. Also a lot of people take drugs, but none of them piss in their own tent.

A lot of good people work really hard to put on this festival, many talented musicians play at the festival, and a lot of good fans attend it. It’s a shame you could only muster up a few sentences about that.

 Northern Liberties

Great job. Spot on article. I can’t believe the amount of comments from these whiny Bisco fans. Oh wait. I can. 

If someone says one slightly negative thing about your man-crush, it’s torches and pitchforks. Open your fucking eyes for once.


Why bother to “review” a music festival if you’re not even going to review the music. I’m not interested in hearing about your sideshow bar people, your consumption of Jell-O shots or you whipping out your “nub” to piss outside of your tent. Did you even listen to any of the bands at this festival? What is your musical background? I am amazed that your editor allowed this article to be published, and even more amazed that you still have a job after turning in a piece of garbage like this. 


For everyone getting upset because the author chose to focus on the tDB/Camp Bisco attendees as opposed to the music, that’s the fucking point you stupid fucks.

The author didn’t attend the festival to check out the music. He went to gather information and write a story about the fanbase and the no-holds-bar culture that surrounds the festival. There is nothing inaccurate in this article aside from describing a “Hardcore Electronic Music Geek” as someone who gives a shit about Lotus. 


Yo man. Nice piece you wrote on the Biscuits in that article. NOT. You’re a fucking idiot. Way to make the fans of the band look like a bunch of druggies. You obviously did not meet the right people there. Oh. And you slept in your own piss, that’s why you were covered in mosquitoes, jerkoff. 

How about next time you go to a music festival you actually see some music. Go back to seeing Beyoncé and Usher tour together, or spend your time seeing Disney on ice. I bet the Jell-O shots are super strong there, fag.

 via Facebook

Regarding Roberta Fallon’s review of the “Art in City Hall” exhibit:

I have to disagree with you that “Art in City Hall” doesn’t help the art community. This is a place where the artists can have their work viewed for free, not just on First Friday but every day. 

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