New Brilliant Idea (JK, It’s a Tax)

By Randy LoBasso
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Getting tired of Council Goblins introducing new taxes on God knows what else to balance the budget? Too bad, because we find it interesting.

Councilman Darrell Clarke has gone all tortoise race on us and plans to introduce a business’ gross receipts tax that would find itself attached to your cigars (3.6 cents per ounce), smokeless tobacco and pipe tobacco (36 cents per ounce). He said the plan will raise a whopping $6 million annually – which is exactly 4 percent of the budget hole.

Though the newest deadly sin tax wouldn’t do much to solve our problems, Clarke promises “An overwhelming majority of council members will support this measure,” which is more than anyone can say about any of the other tax hikes. The tired councilman admitted, “It’s at a point where we’re trying to find any measures we can find consensus on.”

Oh, desperation. You bring out the best in us.

Clarke said every drop in the pond helps and if this tortoise is going to get to that finish line, a series of 4 percent taxes on random consumer items – which are not bottled in the city, or affect the poor (besides dip) – may be the way to go, so, way to go!

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