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Tough Act to Follow
In response to Tara Murtha’s interview with actress Holland Taylor, who conceived and stars in Ann, based on the life of Texas governor Ann Richards:

Holland Taylor is inspiring to no end in this role. I think Ann Richards would be proud and honored of the wonderful tribute bestowed upon her. I can think of no better way to keep her memory alive than by educating us about the woman behind the accent!

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I recall seeing Ann and Liz together in New York City, where I live. Having grown up in the South, I would have loved to have had brunch with them.

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Out in Force
Regarding Randy LoBasso blog about a large group of Philadelphia students who marched down Broad Street for school funding:

It’s way past time the school district stopped wasting money each year. There are 30-odd unions for school district employees, but none for the students; i.e., they are last in line for this taxpayer-funded morass. We need our school district to run a whole lot more efficiently, rather than throwing an ever-increasing amount of money after the problem, to the tune of $15,000 per student per year currently—among the highest spending per student in the developed world. The problem is not money. The problem is the school district wasting it.

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Hunger Games
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about food stamp funds getting cut:

So how long before the millions upon millions of people both the Republicans and Democrats are severely dicking over realize that if only they could get behind a third-party candidate who actually puts people above money, they might see real actual change here? What’s the point of Obama in the White House if this is what happens? And what’s the point of austerity if we kill ourselves in the process? Neither of these parties knows what they’re doing, and both are so far beyond the realm of the actual American that they have no idea what real life is like any more. Vote Green, vote Socialist, vote anything but these people.

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