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Strike a Pose
In response to Jazmyn Burton’s feature story on Philly’s first Wanderlust Festival:

After reading “Amid Hoagies, Yogis,” and being a practicing yoga student, I decided to head over to the Piazza and check out this Wanderlust Block Party. I walked in amidst a down dog and have never seen so many yoga-pantsed bodies in formation harmony. I joined right in. The sun beat down as we transitioned into tree pose, and with our extended branches, reached and held on to our neighbors. The voice on the stage then instructed us to keep our support and lean forward for warrior. During those moments, there was a sense of community, of sweating palms meeting each other, all struggling to sustain poise in the heat. As I felt the body next to me tremble, I steadied my arm for her support; and when I began to shake, she did the same for me, as did my other neighbor. Slowly, we came out of the pose; a balanced city.


Great article! I didn’t know much about yoga, but your article makes me want to look into available classes in my area. It sounds like a great way to release tension and frustration.

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Alex Holmes is my favorite teacher in Philly. I can’t say enough about her. She incorporates joy and laughter into the toughest poses, and just when you think you can’t take anymore, she somehow makes you laugh, and she shows that yoga can and should be fun and playful. She pushes you appropriately and safely where a lot of other teachers might be scared to.

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Brilliantly written. Had a light-bulb moment while reading. Yoga is a way for me to purify my soul while strengthening my body. Thanks for the personal walks through lives positively guided by yoga.

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Drink to That
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about Sen. Bob Casey supporting a bill to help small breweries like Yards, PBC:

I love craft beer and everything about it, but I personally think they shouldn’t leave out the big brewers either. There should be a tiered system where all breweries pay $3.50 a barrel for the first 60,000 bbls and then higher for every bbl after that. Craft beer doesn’t need an advantage to be successful, but it is a step in the right direction.

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Flight of Fantasy
In response to Max Ufberg’s breakdown of the Eagles’ fantasy football hopes:

I agree with most of this, and I think I can use these tips for my fantasy team. You gotta mention Randall Cunningham. He is one bright spot in a dozen years of misery. Hey, for fantasy, at least the Birds are good for something this year. Tired of being disappointed, but now I know that at least in my own world, a team from Philly can win some games.

Mike Rudolphi
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A novel way to make Philadelphians feel not so bad about themselves! Go fantasy-realm Iggles!

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