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Breaking Dawn

Regarding Tara Murtha’s cover story about getting prostitutes help instead of jailing them:

I’m glad this women finally cleaned up. However, most of us mature escorts are not addicts, we are single moms with college-aged kids, who can’t support ourselves by working at Walmart, and rather not deal with an abusive spouse.

Why are the Johns never thrown in jail? It’s ironic to think these women would stop if they had no services.

Until we stop prosecuting consenting adults in private, then their is no compassion. Pimps should get 25 to life, and Johns should pay fines not to the county court but to the victims and be ordered to do community service in women’s shelters. The women should get services, they are victims whether they are 17 or 44.

BELLA via philadelphiaweekly.com

So let me get this straight you as a woman thought it was appropriate for an article on prostitution to have a beautiful women decked out in sexy lingerie pose as a prostitute on your cover and in pictures in the article itself in which the article itself talks about the degradation and substance abuse and the hypocrisy of only busting the prostitutes and not their clients. In addition, I won't mention the six pages of ads for whorehouses you have in the back of your paper. I'm not particularly opposed to prostitution, but the cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy of you and your staff is stunning.

Why not admit the article was really an ad for your back pages and all the pimps running the hos?

I guess this shows that women can be just as exploitative and sexist as any man.

GARETH, South Philadelphia

Litter League

Regarding Jacob Lambert’s column about the solar-powered BigBelly trashcans in the city:

While your article on BigBelly trashcans certainly made a good point or two, you pretty much just derided the trashcans without speaking about any of the particulars involved with them. You failed to mention that those cans hold much more trash than ordinary cans, saving the city money in the amount of times they need to be emptied. That was essentially the sole purpose for the cans, and they’re still exponentially saving the city money as long as theyre in use. With something like BigBellys, you pay for it one time, but the savings don’t just come in the first year of use and disappear, they’re there for the life of the cans. That’s when the savings should be added up. Why are they a waste of funds? You provided no example. Instead, you mocked them without specifying why you personally are so unhappy with the cans. Basically, Big Bellys soiled Greenworks because, uh, the Daily News said so? That’s not investigative reporting, my friend.

ANDREW, South Philly

Critical Pass

Regarding Brian Freedman’s review of Munk & Nunn:

You behaved like a coward at Munk & Nunn. Yes, the chef was overbearing, rude even. But you are a bunch of liars! Why not tell the waitress what was wrong with the meal? She asked! Why couldn’t you have told the chef what you didn’t like about his food? He asked! I understand that no one wants to have an unpleasant confrontation (which would be really unprofessional) but it seems to me the guy really cares, is trying to figure out why his restaurant is failing and is under a great deal of stress. Don’t you think you could have put yourself out to help him a little bit. Its not like you were kinder and gentler for having gone home to contemplate. You just hid behind your review, like a coward.

At its best, a restaurant is a dance between restaurateur and guest. The host proposes the experience, it is up to the guest to accept or reject the experience offered. Without honest feedback from guests how is an owner or chef to know what his guests actually experience.

HERMAN via philadelphiaweekly.com

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1. Angela Miles said... on Aug 23, 2010 at 02:07PM

“Regarding Nile Parish’s “Lush Life” Column:

The overload of “wink, wink, nudge nudge” smirks and cliché ridden caricatures crammed into these two columns was nauseating. Two Good-time Sams are out on the town on a scavenger hunt through the “secret” brothels of Chinatown to bargain the best deal with the least guilt, all brokered by an old, cold, snack-nibbling, tv-watching madam. Hijinks!

Dear Nile,

please W A K E U P.

1. Their locations ARE advertised. As businesses that are set up to make money, they will make sure you know about them. Does cracking codes of colored doorbells replace the feeling of an actual pursuit? Why not just treat is as it is– a transaction? Tell me, did you expense it to PW?

2. Your “girl” (previously referred to in the article as a “woman”–but somehow once you “bought” her she lost this association) “redefined the handjob” for you by performing the work of a “professional”. Slow down. She is not a professional. You paid her boss, not her. She herself”


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