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Keep on Truckin’

Regarding last week’s cover story about the Vendy Awards, a food truck competition:

I love Gigi’s and sometimes will go out my way just to get a meal there. 

CHERYLIE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

How fun it is to find fancy French macarons in a food truck! 

SAVORIQUE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Sorry, but Rami’s Luncheonette on 40th Street between 
Walnut and Spruce has the King of Falafel beat hands down. You should try it sometime. 

PAM CRISANTI, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Wheel of Fortune 

Regarding Randy LoBasso’s article about the city taking away Breakaway’s bike-rental shack in Fairmount Park:

Someone has cast a covetous eye on the Shack. As long as they were playing at renting bikes, they were safe. But now that they want to expand to four locations and start a citywide bike-share program with the potential to earn big money, someone with political clout has set the force in motion to kick them out and grab it for themselves. Let’s see who is renting bikes in 2012. Betcha it’s a friend and/or relative of one of Philly’s political sharks.

BETH CRANE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

It is obvious that certain people from Public Works have a beef with Breakaway. They are also surprised and upset that other potential bidders are not willing to deal with the same bullshit that the city dishes out just because they can. 

JOHN GURCSIK, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Kid’s Choice

Regarding Craig D. Lindsey’s calendar preview of Kid Cudi:

Just wanted to commend you and your crack staff for pushing the envelope in the fields of race theory and music criticism. Clearly, Kid Cudi, as a black man, has no business wearing anything close to skinny in the pants department. How will he ever hide a Glock in there? And, boy, those days when nothing less than a MAC-10 will suffice—what's a brutha with a preference for tapered slacks to do? Did Cudi’s local American Apparel location take down its “white dudes only” sign, or what? Get thee to a thuggery, am I right? Sheesh! Really brave, ground breaking stuff, PW. 

JACOB A. BENNETT, via email

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