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Twist Ending

Regarding Michael Alan Goldbergs article about May 21, 2011, being Judgment Day:

I’d like to say that if this is being read in print then we are still here and absolutely nothing has happened except for the tarnishing of some already tarnished reputations. Mr. Goldberg does an excellent job of pointing out that this whole event has happened before in 1994. I sincerely hope that people wise up and we won’t have a three-peat (Third time is NOT a charm). I almost feel sorry for the people who fell for the lies and willingly tossed aside everything they had to follow this charade. Almost.

W. LONG via email


I fall in the category of non-believer but only because I’m sane. It really is amazing how STUPID people are. Does anyone really believe no one’s making a dime off this scam? There’s a whole radio network—a business, no matter how you slice it—pushing this agenda and alleging it is for no one’s benefit. Meanwhile, they’ve convinced gullible sheep to quit their jobs, burn through their life savings AND EUTHANIZE THEIR PETS! How very Christian. And what, pray tell, will Harold Camping and Chris McCann do on the morning of May 22? Go into hiding? Commit suicide? They’re not gonna be able to bring back peoples’ pets—and certainly not anyone’s life savings! I am not a religious person but I always say to each his own. If having faith makes you happy, and if you’re not harming anyone in the process, then go for it. But this is causing harm. These poor bastards are going to be devastated when nothing happens on May 21.

BARTON BROWN via philadelphiaweekly.com


Shame on all you people for buying into this sicko rhetoric. The poor people who quit their jobs in this economy are in for a rude awakening on Sunday morning when the sun rises and kisses their empty heads. Do not drink the Kool-Aid. These people are insane and have raped you of your life savings for their own benefit. Someone should have them locked up for their fraudulent actions.

MIKE SIMON via philadelphiaweekly.com



Arts on Fire

Regarding Roberta Fallons review of two new exhibits at the Institute of Contemporary Art:

Rimbaud’s season in Hell with Verlaine made the existentialists understand Hell as other people. The banality of the show’s worm of a title, in any case, will keep me safely on the urbane side of Schuylkill. And I attended Warhol parties back in the day and they weren’t so great.

MICHAEL ANDRE via philadelphiaweekly.com

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