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Tokin’ Black

Regarding Michael Alan Goldbergs cover story about including blacks in the fight to legalize marijuana:

I’m African-American and I don’t like the idea of catering to any specific community or race. I think this issue should be used to attract people in the business world. It was easier to legalize alcohol because there was a plan in place to sell it. Right now, all weed is sold on street corners and alleys regardless of what nationality is buying it. If we sell weed in CVS, who will pay for security, distribution and taxes? People are begging to legalize weed, with no plan as to how and where it is to be sold.

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Wow, is this the logical extension of our obsession with diversity and multiculturism? Does one’s race, class, gender or sexual orientation necessarily preclude one to have certain views on an issue? Perhaps social and political issues are shaped by things more complex. Perhaps minority communities are dealing with far more pressing matters than toking with impunity. Perhaps ALL people in these times are far more concerned with jobs, crime, taxes and education. Perhaps demographically challenged NORML could do better to make inroads with ALL manner of people. I’m white and I sure as hell don't see a lot of people like me blowing smoke over legalization.

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I wasn’t aware of the racial disparity in NORML and it should be corrected. We need to make a lot of headway in both the African-American and Latino communities because polls show that a majority of both groups still favors the anti-cannabis laws. Of course, this will take some time to correct, but we should start doing this now.

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Special K

Regarding Tara Murtha's column about Kensington pride:

Richie Antipuna is the best and he knows how to make you feel welcome. He also knows how to get people together as one and he’s serious about what he does. I love Kensington I would never call it North Philly. Antipuna would be a great city counsel member. I back him and all my Kenzos.

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I would personally like to thank Tara Murtha for her time, her thoughts and her beautiful words. The people of Kensington, the originals and their children, we truly appreciate what you have written. We are a unit, a family, one that consists of more then just blood. It brought a tear to my eye because I was born and raised in Kensington, and reading this article, knowing what I grew up in and what it is today, well, it’s upsetting. Kensington was more then just a neighborhood, it was home.

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Kensington was once a great place! If you meet a Kenzo today, I guarantee four out of five are still friends with their childhood friends. We are a tight group. People that didn’t live there will never understand how we feel. I’m very excited about the buzz that Richard Antipuna has caused.

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