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Land That I Love

Regarding Aaron Kase’s story on vacant-lot activists:

Great article. Land banks/Land trusts would open up so many possibilities for neighbors and community groups to do something with all this vacant land that is mostly mired in red tape. Lets get it back to fruitful use!

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I love these people! They’re a force with a cause. About time someone stood up to the city with a real sense of concern for the people. We have to make our leaders accountable for the solutions. If we all cared just a little bit I think we can make a difference. Come on you elected officials, stop talking the talk and let us all walk the walk. Together we can.

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Stage Right

Regarding J. Cooper Robb’s review of Wanamaker's Pursuit:

This was one of the best shows I have seen at the Arden. They really used history and prominent people to tell the story. Gertrude by far was my favorite character. Congrats Arden!

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Record Breaker

Regarding Elliot Sharps recent music feature on Record Store Day:

What a one-sided piece of garbage. Numero Group’s Rob Sevier is a firm shoveller of Indie-Cred Coolness. They embrace independent record stores? Awful! Robbie doesn't like what the major labels issue? Oh, terrible! Stock doesn’t sell? Unbelieveable! You should have called this article “Rob Sevier: What a phony!” And Elliot Sharp, how about a rebuttal from one of the employees at RSD? The accusations here really just should like sour grapes if you don’t report the other side.

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Dismissing Mr. Sevier as a phony because he is not fully sold on the idea of Record Store Day is nonsensical. The reason why major labels are forced to embrace independent record stores is because their previous attempt to squelch them (banning the sale of used goods comes to mind) or out-volume them (Sam Goody, Borders) have failed. “If you can’t beat them, conscript them” now seems to be their MO. For Mr. Sevier to be suspicious of the same major label structure that has assimilated and run off their independent counterparts for almost 100 years is simply good practice. There is nothing phony about standing up for one’s own business interests. And, flat out: for Numero and their clients to be harassed on the basis of a corporate branding attempt is revolting and worthy of ridicule.

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On Page 22 of the events calendar, PW reported that Mogwai is scheduled to play Starlight Ballroom on April 20. The show has been postponed. Check r5productions.com for more details.

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