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Dive Nation

Regarding Brian McManuscover story about Philadelphias dive bars:

Thanks for the article, it made me laugh. Yeah, it’s narrow in here but it is what it is. Some bars are what their neighborhoods are; If you’re in that type of place, your bar becomes of the people. And just to let you know, Orlando Morrison was a good friend and his death had nothing to do with the bar, it was a personal problem. Feel free to stop back anytime.

Manager of Cousin Danny’s

Because of the original owner, Daddy Wags, and it’s Marine Corps affiliation, I love this place. Cookies is a Marines place to go; the Tun Tavern of the day. May the tradition continue on.

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Doggie in the Window

Regarding Tara Murthas recent column about questionable practices at Operation Ava:

More dogs’ lives could potentially be saved IF Operation Ava uses a broader range of dogs (like the “small fluffy dogs” they’ re transferring from the South) to attract more people to their facility AND THEN uses that opportunity to market ALL types of dogs (including dogs transferred from Philadelphia animal control). So, I disagree that every dog transferred in from outside of Philly equates to the death of a dog who originated in Philly. There are people who never consider dogs from Philly animal control, so if more people can see those dogs mixed into a new environment (like Operation Ava), then it gives those dogs a chance they didn't otherwise have. However, if Operation Ava is ONLY marketing the small fluffies from the South and not capitalizing on this opportunity, then they ARE indeed failing the dogs and certainly can’t claim to be helping to make Philly a No Kill city.

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Well, it’s quite obvious Doggie Style is trying to monopolize the dog supply market in Philadelphia. They open stores just a few blocks from already-established, smaller shops in hopes to steal their business. When Ira started his own company producing dog toys and clothing a few years ago (United K9s) he had the resources to have everything manufactured in the city, creating jobs and revenue but he chose to make everything in China. Now with his “dog rescue” they are shipping in younger, more appealing dogs from the South to make a profit instead of helping out the countless dogs that need help here in Philadelphia. As a resident of Philadelphia, I am fed up with this man expecting us to spend our money in his stores without doing anything to support or help the city. I’m glad the heat is on. My hope is it will leave them no choice but to actually start walking the walk and rescuing dogs here in Philadelphia, as unglamorous and unprofitable as it is. Then maybe they won’t have to spend their days trolling message boards defending their establishment.

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