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Domestic Misuse

Regarding Tara Murtha’s column about limited funding for American victims of sexual trafficking:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Why are we waiting till after people are traumatized to help them? If free, community-supervised shelters were available to children and teens who are abused or run away for whatever reason, few would fall prey to pimps in the first place.

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It is disgusting that violence against sex workers right here in Philly is so common that it could be called “business as usual.” Thank you for the article and for bringing this issue more publicity.

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It is absolutely heart breaking to hear that there is no funding to help American’s being trafficked, but there is for foreign. I’m not saying that foreigners shouldn’t be helped, because they are being tortured and mistreated just as badly as American victims, but it surprises me that this country can come up with the money to help other people before they help their own. A truly tragic story and it just makes my blood boil at traffickers, pimps, and our American government for failing to help these kids (this is coming from someone that serves in the military). Keep in mind, it’s not just girls this is happening to, there are plenty of boys that are sold into this horrific life as well. Let’s not forget about them.

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