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Christian’s Science

Regarding last week's cover story on local healer Wellington Christian:

Bravo to Wellington Christian for keeping his ear to the ground and harnessing the healing powers of Mother Nature. Brian Strom, however, deserves to be exposed and chided. He sounds like another institutionalized idiot, penned in by the dishonesty, greed and false promises of the establishment. Doctors are groomed to serve the interests of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I would hope a slave to the sick-care industry such as Strom would know that a company cannot patent a plant. Strom comes off as the quack, as he described Christian. And an unknowing, reckless one at that!

University City

Coast Guard

Regarding last week's Week’s Worst:

A person’s twitter account or how they present themselves in interviews has nothing to do with how their music should be judged. I can see why people don’t like the lyrics, but I personally really enjoy Best Coast. Love and pining over someone are pretty primal feelings so why shouldn’t the lyrics be simple and straight to the point? I definitely think there was thought behind making the lyrics so simple. They remind me of when I was in high school if I was thinking out loud. Actually, do we ever really stop thinking that way?

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