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Murder, She Wrote

Regarding last week’s cover story:

This is becoming all to commonplace in Philly. This one moron has 63 charges and is still terrorizing the streets of Philly, due to the justice system. In my opinion, the judges who let these idiots off should serve some time if they commit another crime while they are free.

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This is the writing that earns the most prestigious awards—investigative journalism at its’ finest. Kudos to Tara Murtha. I am sure you will be sought after to teach journalism! I’m sure the victims families and the people who call this neighborhood home are grateful. Thank you to the almighty for the free press. Tara keep fighting the good fight!

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That Ain’t It

Regarding On the Record:

Your 30 second review of MJ’s new album could be considered accurate, but was it necessary to mock his death by saying that the album would be liked by people who enjoy Weekend At Bernie’s and taxidermy? Did you forget that we will all have to take “The Big Sleep” someday ... even you?

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1. Brian "It is good to be Green" Rudnick said... on Jan 10, 2011 at 11:25AM

“If there’s anything we should be dropping from the skies over Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, it should be money, food and survival kits. If there’s anything we should be removing from the ground in every United States city, it should be every last firearm not secured and accounted for at a licensed shooting range or requisitioned to law enforcement personnel.

Instead, after the weekend assassination attempt of a congresswoman and mini-massacre in Tucson, we, as a society, will engage in the customary moment of silence and a few weeks of handwringing.

Oh, and of course, taxes will go up so we can ensure every elected official can get from point A to point B to point C in a better bubble.”


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