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Mayor May I

Regarding new mayoral cadidate John Featherman:

Please offer more coverage on this guy. Philly needs someone that’s not been in the system and can come in and start curbing spending.

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I like what I read. Getting rid of employees in city hall who are not necessary is a winning point for me. Might be changing parties. Would like to hear more from John Featherman.

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Swan Dive

Regarding Sean Burn’s review of Black Swan:

The preview tells me everything I need to know. It looks like a redo of Pi anyway, which is OK because that is what happens to us artists if we are working long enough. We no longer have to go to the actual film showing anymore because previews are so comprehensive.

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High Times

Regarding a cover story about the Illuminati

Never thought I’d be writing this to a bunch of PW readers but you motherfuckers smoke too much fucking weed.

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