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Everything is Illuminated

Regarding Brian McManus’ cover story about possible members of the Illumniati:

I am only a half page into your article and I had to stop and say thank you! I already posted it to my blog and Facebook. The cover caught my eye as I passed by the stack of PW’s in the lobby of my apartment building. I never pick it up, but I will now. In a city that has bred artists like the Roots who seem to speak out about everything they can wrap their brains around you would think that we as a city would be more on the edge of this “war” that is going on but we are not.

Eric Boss via email

Kudos to PW and Brian McManus. It was truly an enlightening read. In the absence of power, humans develop narratives of self and others, either as conquers or victims. It appears to me that Jay-Z has become both. He has clearly dominated the hip-hop charts, but has become a victim to rumors of being a traitor in the game he helped develop. I do not believe he is Illuminati, but to the young black youth on the block, trying to catch a break in hip-hop, it may appear to be so. He is successful as a rapper and hobnobs with the wealthy. He seems to have access to power that other artists (even rockers) cannot approach.  His reach seems undeniable. Dammit to hell, he even has Rihanna … er Beyonce.

Success breeds envy. However, to place him in the realms of the corporate/military/multi-national elite (Illuminati, whatever) is a stretch of the imagination. His $450 million amassed wealth wouldn’t even allow him to be employed in the housekeeping department of those hallowed grounds.

Dennis Lee via email

I had no idea, being a middle-aged, white woman, that the hip hop genre were so into—or even aware of—the very real and active Illuminati, even though they (the rappers) are merely wannabes. I’m so disgusted with mainstream news outlets—all of them—and was surprised to see words like Bilderberg and New World Order in newsprint! Kudos to you (watch your back). Make me really happy by taking it a step further and proclaiming on the front page “9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB” and inform your readers of the facts. Good job, bravely written.

Deborah J. Kane via email

Film Flop

Regarding Sean Burns’ review of Night Catches Us:

Dude I know it’s painful for you, but I love your reviews of terrible films. “You asked for this America”. That opening line not only applies to the film you related it to, but every piece of junk out there—Jonah Hex, etc. I think of it often.

Murray via philadelphiaweekly.com

Helping Hands

Regarding Aaron Kase’s article about AIDS patients having a hard time getting basic needs:

Just wanted to extend my great appreciation for this story regarding HIV-AIDS organizations daily struggles. Its somewhat bittersweet because of the issues at hand but in the same token these issues facing our area are so easily lost under the radar so we should be very thankful that your publication & writer shined a much needed LIGHT. Thanks again.

Khay Copeland via email

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1. Rob said... on Dec 24, 2010 at 11:23AM

“You're 30 second review of MJ's new album "Michael" could be considered as accurate to some but was it necessary to mock his death (even though you added "RIP"), by saying that the album would be liked by people who enjoy "Weekend At Bernie's" & taxidermy? Did you forget that we will all have to take "The Big Sleep" someday... even you?”


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