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Feeling Empty

Regarding Aaron Kase’s recent story about the empty lots in the city:

There are many civic-minded people here in this city who would support a program that offers affordable stewardship for the many vacant and abandoned places. It is so frustrating that so many properties are rotting or sitting dead that could be restored. A friend tried to inquire about an old boarded up bar as a possibility for the hostel but couldn’t reach anyone. Urban legends that rung unfortunately true were passed along to her that the property which has been vacant for decades is privately owned and an exorbitant amount was being asked for it.

Now think of this example and multiply it by many more. If we want to consider this a modern, forward-thinking city we need to take action in a modern, forward-thinking way. We need to accept that within this recession there is a young population who is educated, savvy and passionate—that despite our wallets are contributing positively to Philadelphia through art, music, community services and more. Let us propose ideas for these unwanted properties, put in the work to restore them, and create something the city, its citizens and visitors, and our future generations can benefit from.

Perhaps these spaces could be rented from the city for a reasonable monthly amount in order to open doors and set things in motion.

That Philadelphia isn’t trying its hardest to hold on to these progressive, creative folks is a mistake. Despite all that we are proud of within our community, it is an embarrassment and disappointment.

EMILY “BIRDIE” BUSCH via philadelphiaweekly.com

Nutter Butter

Regarding Aaron Kase’s cover story about what Philadelphians really think about Mayor Nutter:

To answer Richard Emmons question [from the piece]: Yeah, that’s fucked up. Yes, he may have made a whopper of a mistake turning down that snow machine but to use that non-policy-related decision to decide whether not to vote for him is ... well, “fucked up.”

Not voting for Nutter is pretty much a vote for the Republican. Do you think a Republican is going to do any better? (Take a look at the governor of New Jersey.)

Look, I hate to tell anyone not to vote. So instead, I ask that you educate yourself about actual issues before deciding to vote against a candidate because of how much it snowed last winter.

E GILL via philadelphiaweekly.com

Plain White T

Regarding a PhillyNow post about whether dress codes can be racist:

Why does everything have to have a racist tone with you guys? There are only two criteria for entering an establishment: Proper dress and cash. So where's the racism? There is none. If someone can afford to dine at a certain establishment that requires a dress code, then he or she can dress appropriately. Not doing so is narcissistic pure and simple. Frankly I wish more places would have dress codes. There’s nothing more wonderful than sitting down to a $300 meal (our 14th wedding anniversary) at Morimoto and have to witness the hijinks of a tattooed miscreant with untied sneakers, a sixers jersey and his slattern of a girlfriend. They were loud and rude. Same goes for the theater. Why should I sit behind some South Philly goomba in an Eagles jersey who can't shut up during the performance.

If people dress a certain way, they act a certain way.

PAT I. via philadelphiaweekly.com

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