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Bring the Noise

Regarding last week’s Noisemakers of the Year:

I was pleased—OK, shocked—to find complimentary words about my column in PW. I believe this is a first. I would like to offer one clarification. The item reported, accurately, “Yet he presses on, even seven years after he publicly stated he was tired of writing his column because he had to “deal with too many assholes.”

I want to make it clear I was referring, seven years ago, to the popular gossip column I wrote then, not to the column I currently write and make noise with. I love this sucker.

It’s important my pudding-headed critics aren’t given false hope.

Columnist, Philadelphia Daily News

Bill Moriarty is also a great musician in his own right, as anyone who ever had the pleasure of seeing his bands Everything Is Fine and Friends of the Library in the early 2000s can attest.

SCOTT via philadelphiaweekly.com

Meat Sweats

Regarding Picanha Grill:

Great review. My tastebuds couldn’t agree more. Picanha is a regular treat for my family. The top sirloin is excellent, and the bacon-wrapped chicken is flavorful and stunning.

MIGUEL via philadelphiaweekly.com

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