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Swab Story

Regarding Tara Murtha’s cover story about questionable police practices used to find the Kensington Strangler:

I can pretty much guarantee that if the people saying “who cares, swab everyone” lived in a neighborhood like ours Kensington, they’d change their tune real quick. The police feel they can do anything they want. I’m a white, law abiding male, and if the police did this to me, I would be filing legal actions in a heartbeat. I was once sitting by my work waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up and was questioned by police. They didn’t believe me and even went as far as making me go get my boss to prove I worked there. Why? No clue, they never said why they wanted to know what I was doing. You CANNOT stop and frisk anyone for no reason at all and the taking of DNA by threats of forced confinement is completely ILLEGAL. The police are doing a great injustice to actually trying to catch the Strangler. If and when they do, if it is because of a stop and frisk the man will walk free out of court. Will you be happy then? Do it the right way and put him away.

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I don’t care what race Chino is and what he dresses like, the point is his rights were violated and the cop was a jerk. The stop and frisk law is a violation of our Constitutional fourth amendment rights and Nutter is a jerk for putting this in place. Learn your history people and remember exactly WHY the American Revolution was fought.

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The police can never do the right thing when their methods are forever criticized. Sorry Chino, if you know that by dressing the way you do, you resemble the sketch of the person of interest, then you should expect to be stopped by the police. Stop bitchin’!

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Oh, Nicki, You’re So Fine

Regarding Michelle P. Wilson’s open letter to Nicki Minaj:

As a 20-year-old female, I would like to thank you for your letter to Nicki Minaj. It literally bought me to tears. My ex-boyfriend so wanted me to look like her and be her and we broke up because that wasn’t me. I’m not bootylicious or sexual. I’m a 5-foot-11-inch mixed dork from South Philly that wants to be loved for me not for pretending I’m a Barbie or claiming to have split personalities. These young men see this woman and believe that’s how every woman should be. Its a false idealization. What happened to the Queen Latifahs and Lauryn Hills of the world who needed no gimmicks because they were pure lyricists? Let’s hope she, this character manufactured by the machine called the industry, is just a phase.

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Bar None

Regarding a Lush Life column in which local comedians revealed their favorite bars:

Tommy Pope, by your selection of best Philly bars it shows that you would not know a good bar if it bit you on your “hip” ass. Ask Brian McManus who has been showed the error of his ways. He now knows you don’t have to be an elitist, craft-selling, cover-charging, non-smoking, $9-burger-selling establishment to be cool.

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1. Brian, University City said... on Jan 27, 2011 at 09:55AM

“Regarding "Down to Earth": Bravo to Wellington Christian for keeping his ear to the ground and harnessing the healing powers of Mother Nature. Brian Strom, however, deserves to be exposed and chided. He sounds like another institutionalized idiot, penned in by the dishonesty, greed and false promises of the establishment.

Understand this please, everyone: Doctors are groomed to serve the interests of the medical and pharmaceutical industries and take very few hours — if any — of coursework in nutrition. Less-than-optimal nutrition is the basis for almost all preventable health-care conditions. (Do yourself a big favor and read up on the raw-foods diet for more). I would hope a slave to the sick-care industry such as Strom would know that a company cannot patent a plant. Strom comes off as the quack, as he described Christian. And Strom comes off as an unknowing, reckless one at that!

Keep on rockin' in the free world, Wellington Christian!”


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