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Fight Club

Regarding Aaron Kase’s cover story about LGBT youth fighting back against bullying:

As someone who works with LGBTQ youth, I am really happy to see the Attic Youth Center and the struggle of this population in general highlighted in PW . However, I was really put off by the quote that was chosen to end this story. The article expresses a lot of hope and the overall tone is positive—you’re speaking about a hopeful future for LGBTQ youth. To end the article with such a sentiment of despair- regardless of the fact that it was said by an LGBTQ youth—made for quite a bizarre ending (Nazis? Really?) to an otherwise wonderful story.


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I find the name of this youth center pretty ironic. You come out of the closet to hide in the Attic.

But really, I’m glad that there is a place like this for kids and young adults to go to in their time of need. I, unfortunately, didn’t have one. I hope you post a follow up when the film actually comes out. I’d really like to see it!


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What I really like about this story is that I’ve been wondering how high school kids who have lives that seem like dead ends, are supposed to react to the It Gets Better project. I kept thinking ‘Most of these people making videos are successful white adults.’ How does that give kids like the ones in this story any hope? Anyway, this story makes me want to volunteer and I just might.


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Lady Liberty

Regarding Gerry Christopher Johnson’s feature on the murder of transgender woman Stacey Blahnik Lee:

What an awful tragedy. If these news outlets haven’t made public apologies for their reporters actions then everyone who cares about this issue should start writing letters on behalf of Stacey’s memory. I don’t know what actions have been taken by the Daily News and NBC 10 since I’m not living in Philly anymore, but make them accountable for reporting the news correctly and respectfully.


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I really cannot believe that the media would report this as they did. How dare them? Stacey is a human being, just as anyone else. It’s not fair and nor is it right!

My heart goes out to all the friends and family of Stacey, one could only imagine what they are feeling right now, especially her husband Malik, he is the barrier of all this cause in all, Malik was the one that found his wife. One could only imagine what this man is going through right now!

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