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Lights, Camera, Action

Regarding last week’s cover story about reality show reenacting murders in the city called Unsolved Philadelphia :

This is such a great idea! I was born and raised in Philly and moved to Florida for a better life for my daughters, but I tend to visit every year and to see how it just keeps getting worse. I’m attending college to obtain my criminal justice degree and I am just about done and then I will be enrolled in the Police Academy. My biggest desire is to return home and clean the streets where I once played, rode my bike and had family cookouts. May God be with you on this project. I hope the people of Philadelphia will realize that things will not get any better while their lips remained sealed. People will never know unless it is exposed. Let’s bring this darkness into the light.

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Reading this information about Lily gives me chills. I worked at St. Joseph’s Hospital with her and she was a great person. It stuns me everyday that her killer still has not been found. I believe that this show will help find her killer. Something needs to be done because it’s just getting ridiculous out here on these streets. I don’t know how anyone can live with that on there minds. Your persistence and dedication to find these killers is very much appreciated and I hope good things come from it!

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As a retired Police Detective from Phila. I feel this is a great idea. People don’t realize the police department cannot catch people who commit theses crimes unless the public helps. They need witnesses, but witnesses are scared of retaliation if they testify. Well if you give a tip regarding info that you have, you are doing the right thing. You can help make Philly a better place to live.

Much luck to everyone involved in this project, it may not be easy but you will eventually get results. Everyone should help these guys and the police solve as many crimes possible.

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Something to Crow About

Regarding Brian Freedman’s review of Happy Rooster:

I have spent most of my working life in the restaurant business. Fads have come and gone, but there is nothing to replace excellence, which is exactly what Chef Goodenough has done. The Rooster is where I had my first dinner with my wife of 35 years ago. This place once again has captured my heart. Thank you chef.

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Relaxing, entertaining atmosphere with great food and Dark n’ Stormys at the bar—what more could you possibly ask for? My favorite place in the city!

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