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Regarding Randy LoBassos recent news feature on the 
opposition of opening a methadone clinic:

I live near a methadone clinic and worked in a building in Center City that housed a methadone clinic and I understand what this community is afraid of. I went up to the Mann Music Center to pay tickets for a concert and people from Parkside Methadone Clinic got on the 40 bus. They were loud and foul mouthed. They need to pick a location that is accessible to public transportation and the individuals receiving treatment most be respectful. 

STEVE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

I’ve been on methadone for a few years now and I must say it saved my life. I know quite a few people that are on methadone and live a healthy productive life. It’s a shame that all people on methadone are bunched together as bad. I live in the NE and travel everyday to West Philly where I get treated for my addiction. There is a daycare and a school within a block of the program. Why is it OK that people from NE can travel to other neighborhoods to get drugs but how dare we try and get help in our own community. Where I live, I see hookers and needles on the ground, not to mention you can get any drug you want up here. I do understand the community’s concern but c’mon people the NE isn’t this community that most people think. I would love to take a poll and see just how many are on drugs. Give people a chance. 

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Union Trust 

Regarding Tara Murthas column about the continuing saga with the unions at MilkBoy:

It’s easy to sympathize with MilkBoy as they are seemingly the underdog. However, isn’t a carpenter, isn’t a plasterer, isn’t a tradesman/craftsman also an underdog? He is a working man trying to earn a living. I think that if you work or are employed by anyone you should remember: Without unions (not goon squads as you immediately depict them in your article) there would be child labor. Without unions there would be a 60-hour work week. Without unions there wouldn’t be safety rules. Without unions you’d be fighting as an individual against the real heavy in the employment game—the boss. 

As a member presently of AEA, AFTRA, SAG, and as a former member of ACMPE and Retail Clerks Unions, I have seen the abuse bosses can impose on workers. Was it wrong for people to attempt to get their children proper housing, food for their table and to share in the wealth that corporations are reaping at the expense of the American public? Could it be that Milkboy never consulted the Union but just started to build without a thought to the fact there was a union? If they had employed union workers, they might have put their 15 percent loss into hiring people who’d come to their store rather than picket it. 

BARRY BRAIT, via email

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1. hoodrat said... on Aug 18, 2011 at 08:39AM

“happy for all the methadone players out there who seemed to have improved their lives. stay away from the opioids then you may not have had a problem. fact drug addicts are sick and they cant be cured. so F em.”

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2. Anonymous said... on Aug 20, 2011 at 09:56AM

“i am really against the methadone clinic because i have 2 kids in the clinic my son who i took to the clinic one morning to get his single dose came out with sat and sunday takehome bottles and drank both within one half hour i was with him at the er he was unconcious and hooked up to a ventalator they knew he wasnt well enough for the take home bottles but they gave them too him anyways for 2 days iprayed for him to wake up now he has real bad memory problems and seizures all the time the doctor cant believe how the clinic can do tthis”

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3. Travis Bickle said... on Aug 21, 2011 at 04:53PM

“I completely understand the lure of drugs and sometimes I feel bad for the unfortunate souls who made themselves addicted. But the bottom line is - YOU allowed yourself to become addicted, so don't make your problem everybody elses.”


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