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Music Man

Regarding Michael Alan Goldbergs cover story about local musician George Manney, who has collected the largest music archive in the city:

I congratulate and wish for the best Manney and his life-long goal. I, too, have a relationship with music which resonates from within the very essence of my being. As a child I went to bed (figuratively!) with Hy Lit and the rest of the WIBG gang. After school ended for the day, there could have been no way to divert me rushing home and watching American Bandstand. And when The Beatles came along ... well, I still have the knick-knacks from the scrapbook that I started back in 1967. If Manney is in any need of labor of love in the future, I’ll gladly offer whatever blood, sweat and tears I can.

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I wish some of the so-called “movers and shakers” in Philadelphia would get behind what George has done and take all of projects to a higher level. He has painstakingly taken the time to document and catalog so much of this region’s rich musical heritage. What gives people? In an age where our city is known more for brutal crime rates and shady abortion doctors, its time to celebrate more of the positives!

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Thank you George for all you have done to preserve the era of music that reflects my own life. From everything I have read above, I am sure I have met you or have seen you play. You have been handed some rough crap in life, but do not let it ever make you think that you have not done enough. Maybe I will be lucky enough to catch you at one of your rare gigs one of this days.

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This is just a perfect article. My first concert was Hendrix at the Spectrum. Keith Moon kissed me at the Electric Factory. Saw the Cure at the Hot Club and the Bloodless Pharoahs, Brian Setzer’s first band (with his brother Gary). Saw U2 at Ripley. Alanis Morissette at the new Factory. I performed in the Wild Women of Wongo along with the Vels and No Milk. (I was the Bird Queen Goddess.) On and on. Philly rocks. And George has all our memories for us!

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