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Poll Dancing

Regarding last week’s election issue:

Voters should ask Kevin Boyle if he supports recruiting 13, 14, 15, and 16 year old boys and girls into the U.S. Army. This is what I was protesting along with hundreds of other people. Perhaps, Kevin doesn’t think this is what the Army Experience Center is all about.

Voters should ask Kevin, if he thinks a sitting Judge, who is a voluntary member of a labor organization, in which the deceased victim was an active member, should recuse himself.

And, if Kevin thinks 172nd District voters are out of step with an endorsement by the local Chapter of the Communist Party, then does Kevin think these same voters are out of step with Social Security, Medicare, unemployment compensation, the police and fire departments, the health department, libraries, and the streets department, et cetera. For Kevin (and his brother Brendan) to enjoy the fruits of state jobs, state benefits, future state pensions, and then “decry communism” is interesting duplicity.

TIM KEARNEY, Democratic Candidate for State Rep.

I never told the author of this article that I moved to run for office. If I had chosen at the time I purchased my first home here in Fox Chase in 2007 to move into Perzel’s district for political reasons it would be crazy. Perzel was one of the most entrenched incumbents at the time.

My block is filled with mostly people that used to live in my old neighborhood Olney, Lawncrest and Summerdale. These are all communities that are within a seven to eight minute drive and have seen their quality of life decline. Crime has increased, stores closed, etc.

KEVIN BOYLE, Democratic Candidate for State Rep.

Airwaves to Heaven

Regarding F.H. Rubino’s recent article about local radio host and Philadelphia sports fan Phil Allen:

This was way overdue. Phil from Mount Airy is by far the funniest, most passionate and knowledgeable sports fan in this city and should have been on WIP years ago while they hired every ex-Eagle who knew nothng about the city sports teams or its fans. ESPN is smart enough to do the obvious which is rare around here.

VICTORIA via philadelphiaweekly.com

This guy should be on all day—he is the TRUE voice of Philly sports and WIP blew it.

JAMIR COOK via philadelphiaweekly.com

Phil is the sports’ fan’s walking encyclopedia. He knows everything there is to know about all Philly sports. Phil, Don’t curb your enthusiasm!

ELLEN RICHARDSON via philadelphiaweekly.com

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