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Funny Girls

Regarding Nicole Finkbiners cover story about Philadelphias female comedians:

As an “old lady” now about to turn the corner of 40, it’s so refreshing to see that these strong, confident young women can run with the boys and also keep their femininity. I had no idea the comedy scene in Philly was so homogametic!

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Maybe the article didn’t properly contain the mood but the jokes didn’t seem that funny. Who knows? It might be in the delivery. Also, that’s not what an iron maiden does. An iron maiden is a metal case with a door that closes, inserting spikes into the torture victim. There is no “stretching” involved.

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It’s always great to see articles supporting the Philly comedy scene. I’ve enjoyed both Carolyn and Mary's work and look forward to seeing the others. There are also other local funny women out there. Check ’em out.

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Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

Regarding Brian McManus recent column about the only reason to save Tastykakes:

Wow. I never even knew he mentioned Tastykakes in “Brooklyn Zoo.” And damn dude, Tastykakes ARE good. Maybe not all of them, but you have a Kandy Cake or a Tasty Klair and tell me they aren’t delicious!

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Collective Call

Regarding Michael Alan Goldbergs recent story about two bills aimed to curb sexting and cyberbullying:

Educate your own kids. Get involved with their lives. Don’t let TV (Jersey Shore, Skins) raise them! Government is bogged down with enough things they can’t handle!

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