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Ben Out of Shape
In response to a surprisingly lively Ben Franklin’s special guest editorial last week:

The points you raise about guilt/suspicion by association are ones that I haven’t heard many people talking about. Vague buzzwords like “security” and “confidential” get substituted for the fact that anyone can be associated with anyone by degrees. That’s going to be in the front of my mind now as I think about our nation’s ridiculous state of affairs. Thank you for highlighting this important aspect to the insane practices of our government.

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I admire your thoughts, but action is required. The country, or a major part of it, struggles from day to day, week to week, desperately trying to make ends meet. I can only speak for myself, but my proof comes from the social media posts of many of my friends who decry poverty, debt, fear of losing their house/apartment/job/car and mind because they can not survive in the environment that is permitted throughout the God-loving U.S.A.

That being said, most don’t know where to start with supporting their liberties when they’re already bogged down with poverties. History is repeating; many countries, states, territories and cities have fallen to greater forces due to the fact that they were not ready, educated, motivated or armed for the destructions that descended upon them.

We are not well armed for this fight. There is no corporation on our side. There is no school to teach us. We should all be up in arms; alas, the gala of conflicting information leaves us scurrying in the wake of the globalists who run the show, who are willing to arrest us, disarm us and neutralize any threat that comes to pass. If this is going to change, something needs to happen to all of us to shift the national dynamic of power, corruption and greed.

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Pants on the Ground
Regarding Nicole Finkbiner’s blog about Wildwood, N.J.’s ban on baggy pants:

This ban is absurd for so many reasons. In addition to your point regarding other fashion choices that could be seen as offensive/unwholesome, yet are not part of this ban, lots of people wear pants/shorts three inches below the hip, especially when the sarong, pants, shorts, etc. are worn over a bathing suit. Are Wildwood police going to walk around with measuring tapes to catch offenders?

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The definition of obscene here is what I call into question. At least his ass is covered. That’s more than I can say for half the girls and some guys I see walking around with all sorts of awfulness hanging out of their clothes. Next are you going to tell us what we can and can’t have written on our clothes? How about how people do their hair? Leave people alone.

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