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Endless Love for Neil
In response to Kyle Cassidy’s Q&A with Neil Gaiman, whose “Make Good Art” commencement speech at UArts last year has just been published in hardcover:

Excellent interview. Kyle Cassidy’s sincere interest in people comes through in his questions, as well as his photographs.

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From Twitter:

Seeing @neilhimself on the cover of @PhillyWeekly today made me less cranky. —crankycatprof

Reading @PhillyWeekly ‘s article on @neilhimself reaffirms my belief that he is my #favoritehumanbeing. Sorry everyone else. —amanda_rain

Why is it that I didn’t know @neilhimself was in Philly until I read about it in @PhillyWeekly? I would have postponed studying! #lifeprobs —KieranTheWere42

Golden Girls
Regarding Nicole Finkbiner’s review of 1812 Productions’ It’s My Party: The Women and Comedy Project:

I just saw this tonight with my mother. We laughed heartily and my eyes welled with tears during Act 2. I loved how the actresses shared parts of their own lives with the audience. The doctoral student in Act 1 was a great character; she helped voice this history of problems with female comics and their context in feminism. I was so impressed with every cast member. What a great, funny, inspiring show!

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A truly fantastic production. Beautiful, hilarious, smart from beginning to end. Planning to see it again.

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Need for Weed
Regarding Randy LoBasso’s blog about Philly marijuana advocates pushing for full legalization:

This was an excellent article that really got at all the issues surrounding the decriminalization and legalization of this harmless plant. The incarceration problem statewide and indeed, countrywide, is an embarrassment. No other country has incarcerated its citizens in such numbers since the Soviet Union, our supposed Cold War nemesis.

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Like with gay marriage, in a few years politicians will be falling over themselves to reverse their current positions and proceed to act like they were always in favor of full legalization. Why? Because there’s something in full legalization for all the politicians to love:

Liberals get to stop putting young black/Latin males in jail, prove they actually do care how much things cost, and—what they’ll love most of all—they’ll get to spend years congratulating themselves for being first on the issue.

Conservatives get to stop building expensive prisons, lower taxes and show that they really can get the government out of people’s lives. Also, reading sucks while you’re high, and fewer people reading is probably good for conservatism.

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